12 Surprising causes of dull skin you need to know

12 Surprising causes of dull skin you need to know

Everyone’s common wish is to have natural radiant, glowy skin. But not all of our hopes come true! It also takes a lot of effort to maintain such healthy glowing skin. On top of that, sometimes unavoidable factors are responsible for dullness. So, all we can do is take proper measures and use the right products to keep our skin from looking dull and lifeless.

Dull skin problems are also a nuisance to deal with sometimes. They further slow down the entire skin regeneration process. We can support this process by adopting good skin care habits.

Little changes can make a huge difference when it comes to achieving a brighter, more younger-looking skin.
So, in this blog, we will be discussing dull skincare routines, the causes for dull skin, what deficiency causes dull skin, etc. These are simple, adaptable habits that are recommended by dermatologists.

So, if you are worried ‘Why is my skin dull?’ Here are all the causes you need to know!

1. Overdoing matte makeup

Matte Makeup

If you are thinking - why is my skin suddenly dull? Our skin, just like plants, craves hydration to survive fruitfully. Using too much matte makeup makes our skin feel dry and ends up sucking the existing moisture from our skin. Certain pigments are formulations so powder-like that they absorb your skin’s natural oils as well.

The same deal is with certain makeup removers as they have a high quantity of alcohol in them which keep skin dry and under-nourished.

2. Dehydration


The quantity of water you drink affects your skin’s appearance. When you drink less water, your skin and body look pale, feel dry, blood flow decreases and toxins are not flushed out of the body properly. Moreover, the process of ageing starts early as well

3. Lack of moisturiser

Our skin needs hydration from the outside; just like it needs from the inside. So, if you skip applying moisturiser, especially after cleansing your face, your skin can start feeling tacky and dry. Over time, dullness can be visibly seen if a moisturiser is not applied daily.

4. Stress


Our frantic and hyper lifestyle easily brings stress, whether it is at the office, at home, or personal life. All this anxiety, tension, and stress reflects on your face. Cortisol levels start increasing and blood flow is affected negatively. This steals away all the glow and charm from your face.

5. Accumulation of dead skin cells

Generally, dead skin cells are naturally shed off by our bodies. But sometimes, they simply don’t. They then start accumulating, forming layer upon layer on top of our skin - making skin look dull. Therefore, exfoliation is necessary every once in a while to expose your natural skin hidden inside.

6. Sleep deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

It is a known and proven fact that our skin repairs itself at night. So, if we sleep less, it cannot repair itself fully, leaving the process unfinished. This, in turn, makes skin dull.

7. Dryness

If you already have a dry skin type, the chances of you experiencing dullness are more as compared to other skin types. You need to also take special skin care during the winter season when the humidity is very low.

8. Smoking

Smoking is injurious to skin

Smoking is not only injurious to your health but also to your skin. It restricts collagen production and also degrades skin elasticity. Moreover, oxidative stress heightens, speeding up signs of ageing - all of which contribute to dullness.

9. Environmental stressors

Here’s another answer to - ‘Why does my skin look dull and tired?’ -

Day by day our environment is getting sicker and unhealthier. Pollutants, UV rays of the sun, low humidity levels, etc. are all responsible for skin dullness. A lot of studies also concluded that people living in the countryside, away from the city, have greater skin compared to the ones living in metropolitan areas.

The air quality index is also very bad nowadays. Sulphur dioxide molecules give rise to free harmful radicals that damage our skin and body. These radicals also increase pigmentation which makes skin look dull.

10. Sun Damage

Sun Damage

Sun rays can penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin and cause damage from within. It compromises your skin barrier and causes skin tan, dryness, dullness, sunburn, inflammation, etc.

11. Aging

Ageing and dry skin

Ageing is a factor that we cannot possibly control or skip. Signs of ageing include wrinkles, loose skin, fine lines, dark patches, freckles, etc. All these things make skin look dull.
And although we cannot control ageing, it can prolong it by various means.

12. Using the Wrong Skincare Products

Say 'no' to chemicals on the skin

Skincare must be done very sensibly. It is a basic science, that when understood can work very much in your favour. But on the contrary, if you don’t know what skin type you are, and the right products to use, you will end up worsening your skin conditions even more.

Harsh products can cause havoc to your skin barrier and you’ll know why skin gets dull.

So, make sure you forget what dull skin looks like after knowing these causes and taking care of them the right way.


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