You know that a pollution-free environment, a healthy diet, lots of rest and a low-stress lifestyle is crucial for healthy skin. But as you also know, life happens.

You cannot always avoid pollution or harsh weather conditions when you are trying to juggle meetings, chores, and domestic and social obligations. There will be days when you end up not geting enough sleep, or when you resort to a quick takeout meal. There will be times when you are more stressed out than usual

So is good skin then a distant dream? Fortunately, no.


It's all about balance! It's not simply a cliched saying. Here's how it works in the context of skincare.

When you are exposed to pollution, poor diet, harsh weather, stress (or any of the other factors that you know are bad for you), the bad bacteria'
on your skin have a field day. And that's when you break out in acne, dry patches, skin infections and so on. But...

Your skin has good bacteria too. All you need to do is to ensure that they outweigh the bad bacteria. Balance!


Prebiotics feed the good bacteria on your skin, making them stronger against the damage causing agents. Superfoods, microalgae and essential oils are the best diet for good bacteria- and that's what powers prebiotic skincare.

A well-balanced microbiome boosts collagen production and improves your skin's ability to repair and regenerate. This means your skin is naturally
equipped to tackle any issues that crop up, and you end up with a radiant, relaxed glow. Here at iORA, we are tapping into this revolutionary research to bring you India's first prebiotic skincare range.

Works for any skin type

Our products don’t ‘offer remedies’. It optimises your skin’s own microflora so that your skin itself can resolve any issues that come up. Think of it as healthy food rather than medicine. And that’s why you’ll not see our products classified by skin type – they work with your skin, whatever it may be like.

Adapts to changing needs

Some days your skin is exposed to dirt, pollution and stress; other days, it is clean and relaxed. You cannot possibly have different products to cater to your skin’s needs as they change, day to day. That’s where our prebiotic skincare comes in – it’s the most minimalist approach to skincare.

Sustainable and conscious

Anything that doesn’t work for the ecosystem, doesn’t work for us. From making our products cruelty-free to being eco-conscious in our packaging, we ensure sustainability at every step. Rest assured that you are making an ethical choice when you pick iORA.

Ingredients decoded

We use only natural, paraben-free, and scientifically backed ingredients in all our formulations. And since we believe in complete transparency, you’ll see every last one of these ingredients listed on our labels.

Alphaglucan Oligosaccharide

This is our pièce de résistance – the star ingredient of our skinfood. This is what you get when sucrose and maltose are fermented and broken down by a special transferase enzyme. This is what boosts microflora, and your skin can’t get enough of it!

Scenedesmus Rubescens Extract

This is derived from freshwater algae – it protects your skin from harmful blue light, thus acting as the ultimate UV shield. It works to strengthen your skin defense barrier, evens out your skin tone and neutralises free radical damage.

Superfood extracts

These are extracts from nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables like cucumber, aloe vera, sea buckthorn, green tea and neem. Here are some of our superfood overachievers:

Hyaluronic acid is an active ingredient extracted from corn. It boosts skin hydration and accelerates skin cell regeneration, which helps combat fine lines, wrinkles or scars.

Natural retinol is extracted from carrots, apricots, oranges and bell peppers, and it is an excellent antioxidant. It soothes the skin and helps fight acne, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Collagen protein, which is derived from acacia seyal gum, oryza sativa extract, quinoa seeds and ginseng roots. These are amino acids that resemble the natural collagen of your skin – and this is what keeps skin plump and elastic.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are like the cherry on top of a dessert – they round up the course in a way that’s good for your skin and good for your soul. Known to have a host of benefits, they form the base of our products.


Our Founder

Anita has been a part of the beauty and wellness industry for almost two decades. She is an aromatherapist and the founder of Anita’s Aromatic Solutions – a company that supplies professional skincare products to spas and salons across India.

During the pandemic, she saw the need for more sustainable, clean, minimalistic skincare products that focussed on skin health rather than offering topical, retroactive solutions. That’s how iORA was born. iORA brings together Anita’s knowledge of prebiotics, microalgae, superfoods and essential oils, to feed your skin the correct ingredients – thus strengthening and equipping it to handle every imbalance on its own.