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Bare Essentials

Bare Essentials

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Our clothing choices, unpleasant weather, excess sweating, and the friction between our skin can lead to irritating issues like chaffing, darkening of skin & poor odour.

Powered by prebiotics, iORA has the perfect product for this situation, helping you keep your intimates dry, prevent chafing, and lighten skin along with tackling skin infection, redness and skin inflammation.

iORA Prebiotic Bare Essentials is free from sulphates, parabens, artificial preservatives, colours, and cruelty. Like all iORA’s prebiotic products, it is vegan and is made from organic ingredients.

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Caring for our intimate regions is a basic hygiene practice we all can follow. One simply shouldn’t skip tending to them. With iORA’s Prebiotic Bare Essentials it is beyond easy to fit intimate hygiene in the busy schedules of both men and women.

  • Your intimate areas need intimate care.
  • Nourish and heal them at the same time with iORA’s Bare Essentials
  • Formulated with the most essential prebiotic ingredients, iORA’s Bare Essentials fades away pigmentation and prevents chafing due to friction.
  • Say goodbye to dusty or powdery inner thighs.
  • 100% Prebiotic protection that repairs your skin’s microbiome with each application.

5 Key Product Benefits

  • Keeps it mess free by replacing powders.
  • Treats pigmentation.
  • Helps control sweat.
  • Deodorises and moisturises.
  • Repairs and strengthens skin barriers.
  • Vegan Ingredients

  • All Natural Products

  • Supports Microbiome

  • Paraben Free

  • Cruelty Free

  • Recyclable Packaging

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Why do our intimate areas need care?

Our intimate areas need equal, or more, care compared to other parts as they undergo friction, comparatively more sweating, and a lot of other irritations due to a dozen reasons. These skin problems cannot and must not be neglected. Not only do they aggravate over time if not handled properly, but also can be very uncomfortable to deal with personally. They could even restrict us from wearing our favourite clothes.

Taking care of intimate areas has no fuss.

As you replace powders that stay and stain your clothes, and try out iORA’s Prebiotic Bare Essentials instead, you will see that, It treats your skin by interacting with its microbiome.

Once the good bacteria starts flourishing on your skin, it engages with all the stress points and repairs your skin. You will notice redness, inflammation, pigmentation, flaky skin, and external skin infections all weathering away with each application.

Ingredients and key benefit


Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, Amlas help reduce hyperpigmentation, fade dark spots and even out the skin tone.


With enzymes like papain and chymopapain that aid in calming down inflamed skin, Papaya extracts are also useful to shed away the damaged keratin layer off your skin & help unclog skin pores.


Pomegranate Extracts are chosen for its wholesomely protective, nourishing & moisturising properties.


Anti-inflammatory in nature, tea tree essential oil is effective against several fungal infections, reduces skin dryness, and promotes glowing skin.


Also known as corn starch, it contains phytic acid which eliminates dead cells from the epidermis revealing refreshed & renewed skin.


By encouraging the growth of beneficial good bacteria onto your skin while curbing the formation of harmful bacteria, Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide defends and safeguards the skin’s ecosystem and keeps it healthy.

How to use the product

Take a small amount of iORA prebiotic bare essentials

Apply on chafe prone areas like under breasts, bra line, groin & inner thighs

Give it 30 seconds to absorb

Forget about it & carry on with your day at the office, at the gym, at a walk

When to use the product

Before a workout

Before leaving for office

Immediately after bath

Apply more frequently if you sweat a lot or there is excessive accumulation of sweat

Use as often as required

Manufacturer Information

EAN Code: 8906127050725

USP: 12.00 per gm

Manufactured By: Goodness Of Nature, G-51, UPSIDC Industrial Area, Jainpur, Kanpur Dehat-209311. Mfg LIC- A-4602/16​

Generic name: Cream

Use before: 2 years

Marketed by: Anita’s Aromatic Solutions, 1/58-59 Dhiraj Pen Compound, Opp. Sangam Big Cinemas, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059

For Feedback/Complaints: Please write to Consumer Advisor at Anita’s Aromatic Solutions, 1/58-59 Dhiraj Pen Compound, Opp. Sangam Big Cinemas, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059

Customer Care: Phone: 8591965516 | Email:

Country of origin: India