One simply cannot skip ageing or get to enjoy plumpy skin throughout their life. This is a harsh truth, and therefore, accepting this fact becomes vital. And to accept it, you first need to understand it.

Ageing is a process experienced by every living being. It is inevitable and it happens in phases. When our bodies start ageing, our skin gets saggy. Fine lines and wrinkles start developing and this process only accelerates with time. But there is an unknown fact which states that our skin only ages 10% by itself – as a natural process. Yes! While the other 90% is caused by our skincare habits, our routine, the skincare products we use, and other external environmental stressors.

But luckily there are various proven ways in which you can save your skin from this environmental damage. Simple lifestyle changes, making wise skincare decisions and buying the right products are all a part of it.

This article is a detailed summary of all you need to know about ageing skin, how to control signs of ageing, what causes them, and antiaging treatments, tips and habits. Read thoroughly to get insights on your skincare and what your skincare journey should look like.

Firstly, let us understand the two ageing processes.

Intrinsic Ageing – This is a natural, unavoidable process that occurs in our body and continues gradually as days pass by. Our cellular and biological functions slow down resulting in the deterioration of skin’s elasticity, collagen and cell turnover. When these essential compounds start depleting, our skin loses its firmness, complexion, and youthfulness. – Also resulting in a weak skin barrier to fight harmful radicals that attack it on a daily basis.

Extrinsic Aging – This kind of ageing is triggered by external factors in terms of environmental stressors as well as unhealthy, unhygienic habits. You will be amazed to know how habits like smoking, exercising, drinking a certain quantity of water, pollution, UV exposure, diet, etc. have a major effect on your skin. All these above factors grant access to free radicals to harm and damage your skin. If these factors are not controlled, then, your skin also ages prematurely. And no one wants that!

Therefore, it is important to understand simple skin science in order to take care of your largest organ.

Here are some of the sources of external environmental stressors that promote ageing –

  1. Blue Light – As technology has engulfed us for both good reasons and bad, we are constantly under the radar of blue light harming our skin. It is emitted through our cellphones, TVs, computers, laptops, and even lightbulbs. Our daily exposure to UV light is more than 12 hours and it is a serious threat to our skin.The UVA rays trigger inflammation, redness and production of free radicals in our skin. – making blue light one of the major contributors to premature ageing.

  2. Pollution – Air pollution in our urban setting is not a new menace. Contaminated air is loaded with toxic chemicals and harmful substances; those when settled on your skin can promote severe signs of ageing. This is why it is advised to cleanse your face as soon as you get home. The more you let toxins sit on your face, the more damage they pose.
  3. UV Exposure – Sun is another enemy when it comes to harming your skin outdoors. The UV rays emitted by the sun can cause obvious damage like tanning, pigmentation, redness, sunburn, etc. The UVA rays penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin and cause cellular damage. Whereas, the UVB rays attack your skin’s barrier function and react with Melanocytes. This activity causes your skin to overproduce melanin further presenting hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Your skin health gets deteriorated at a much faster rate than it repairs itself. So without a balanced skin or strong barrier systems, you tend to age prematurely due to the above situations.

Now for the main part – How to protect your skin from ageing faster? How to prevent ageing skin through various products.

The thing you want to focus on while practising an anti-ageing skincare routine is noticing your skincare habits. Then, adjusting them after evaluating the negative ones.

Step 2 is to focus on conscious skincare choices. Picking up products that will help you deal with ageing skin. There are anti-ageing treatments and skincare bundles available online from various brands for you to pick and follow.

Step 3 is staying true to your skincare routine and making your skin barrier healthy/strong enough to fight harmful radicals and stressors.

Step 4 is focusing on repairing problems and replenishing your skin with active ingredients to prevent future skin damage and faster ageing.

Here are a few ingredients that restore & protect your skin –

List of helpful, organic, anti-ageing ingredients that you must scout for in your skincare products –

  1. Microalgae
  2. Essential oils
  3. Scenedesmus Rubescens Extract
  4. Alphaglucan Oligosaccharide
  5. Cucumber,
  6. Aloe vera,
  7. Sea buckthorn,
  8. Green tea
  9. Hyaluronic acid
  10. Natural retinol
  11. Collagen protein
  12. Vitamin C
  13. Kaolin Clay
  14. Dead Sea Mud/Minerals

These ingredients are the core of iORA – our brand that curates ORGANIC, PREBIOTIC SKINCARE products for different skin concerns like –

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dry Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Bluelight Protection
  • Anti-ageing, etc.

Come, explore PREBIOTICS with us and help your skin flourish like never before!

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