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Habits form the way we live and shape our lives. The results of which are reflected on our bodies. It works the same for our skin health.

Most of us have our skincare routines in place which we follow regularly. While the rest of us are still figuring things out – which is completely fine, we ain’t blaming nobody. But apart from all of this, there are a few habits that we must abide by as skincare rules. You must notice that some people have AMAZING skin, radiance just beaming through their skin as they walk by, you know what we mean right?! That airbrushed skin texture, spotless skin, even skin tone, all of that you see can be achievable with good skincare habits.

skincare for glowy skin

With a little diligence, finding the right products and techniques that work for you and your skin is the key here. Skincare seems very daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The right type of skincare is tiny minor habits that when followed are absolutely doable, without much fuss. No matter how many beauty trends come and go, a few basic habits can never be shaken.

What are they? Well, that’s what we are going to indulge you in today. Follow them and you’ll thank us for sharing these with you.

1. Taking skincare seriously from an early age

It is only when we notice visible changes in our skin, that we actually start getting serious about our skincare. And by then, we are in our late 20s or early 30s. This should not be the case. Our skin starts losing collagen and in turn, we start experiencing early signs of ageing in our mid-20s. Therefore, skincare gurus, beauty experts as well as dermatologists tell us to start with a skincare routine in our early 20s. Let’s make sure to educate this to our female friends, sisters, and daughters.

2. Keep a simple skincare routine

DO NOT overcomplicate skincare, ever! Using a dozen skincare products may seem fancy, but that’s not the case in real life. Overusing a lot of different formulations may cause breakouts on your skin, especially if you are a beginner. Start steadily, with minimal yet essential products, and then start building up your very own skincare routine. Think about what your skin actually needs and only then make the buy.

skincare products illustration

On the contrary, if you end up concluding that you have several issues that need to be dealt with, switch to multi-use products. For example, you can use an organic day cream made with hydrating ingredients that will help repair, hydrate, brighten, sun-protect, and strengthen your facial skin. This way, you have clubbed three to four products into one. Make smarter beauty choices like these.

3. Swear by Sunscreen…ALWAYS!

Don’t wear makeup, fine, your choice. But you dare not skip sunscreen. As you all know, the sun is the biggest enemy of our skin. UV rays emitted from it can have serious consequences like stubborn suntan, sunburn, hyperpigmentation, etc. Therefore, sun protection is absolutely essential when it comes to good skincare habits. You must not expect glowy skin by skipping sunscreen.

sunscreen infographics

Also, we tend to believe that sunscreen must only be applied when we are outdoors. But that’s actually a myth because we are constantly exposed to UVA/UVB rays and HEV blue light emitting from our gadgets (TV, Laptops, mobile phones, etc.). This is equally harmful. So SPF protection is our only solution to sun damage.

4. Wash your makeup before dozing off

No matter how tired you are, leaving makeup on your face overnight is a skin sin. Skin congestion then becomes a major issue that brings along acne, extreme oiliness/dryness, dull skin texture, and whatnot. Makeup actually clogs your pores and must be taken off every night with a hydrating cleanser. And please, do not use makeup wipes as they are no good. You might love them because they just get the job done so easily without water, BUT NO! They sometimes contain alcohol and heavy fragrances. Plus, they simply do not cleanse your face properly. Moreover, these wipes are not eco-friendly.

skin cleansing

Please use an oil-based cleanser on microfibre pads for this purpose. They are reusable and carry out the job perfectly. The oil in the formulation gently melts stubborn makeup and gently gets the work done.

5. Only clean hands during skincare

Our hands are probably one of the dirtiest body parts. They are in contact with several public spots. And if we touch our unsanitized hands to our face, the germs from our hands get transferred onto our skin. Then, no matter how expensive or how effective the skincare products might be, they won’t work.

Hygiene is the crux of skincare. Therefore, make sure you properly wash your hands frequently, especially prior to your AM/PM routines.

6. Choosing the right kind of skincare based on your skin type

skincare types

Find out which skincare products work best for you, but for that, you must know your skin type. Identify and pick only those products that will support your skin texture and not worsen it.

7. Hydration is the key

Like our body needs water to stay hydrated, our skin needs hydration too. Otherwise, it just looks lifeless, dull, dry, and less appealing. These are signs of unhealthy skin.

So, no matter what your skin type is, you must always keep skin hydration in check. How? – By using facial oils, serums, facial mists, etc. These products help restore the outer barrier and nourish your skin layers from within. Hydrating face serums that promote glowy skin are, therefore, gaining a lot of impetus today.

8. Prioritise your sleep cycle

This is the easiest one of all. But probably your hectic lifestyle might not allow you to follow a healthy sleep cycle. Guess what, there are no shortcuts to this habit. You simply have to make a lifestyle choice here; if you wish to attain better, improved skin health. A good sound beauty sleep of 7 hours will impact heavily on your skin. It’s time your skin will rejuvenate and repair itself. Allow it to do that.

And while you are at it, practice good sleeping habits like keeping your gadgets away from your body to prohibit circadian rhythm interruptions.

Healthy Lifestyle

9. Healthy diet grants healthy skin

No skincare product or glowy skin remedy can beat this habit. Eating nourishing, nutritious food in a timely manner regularly will benefit your mind, body, soul, and skin sooooo very much. Whole grains, nuts, fresh veggies, fruits, lentils, etc. must be consumed as a part of a balanced diet daily. You must avoid foods with sugars, preservatives, additives, colourants, etc. And please make sure to drink an ample amount of water along with all this.

10. Change your pillowcases regularly

Pillowcases can be a farm where bacteria and germs grow. Not to forget the accumulation of dust, dirt, greasy hair strands, residual makeup, etc. that just surfaces on them. Therefore, please wash your pillowcases regularly. Invest in pillowcases made from silk, which are gentle for your skin as well as your hair.

11. Exfoliate once a week

Dead skin cells regularly start accumulating on our skin’s surface. And if not scrubbed off, they clog your pores, leading to skin congestion, acne, signs of ageing, etc. Not to forget, your skin’s original complexion gets hidden away under it. Moreover, your skin cannot regenerate properly. So, please exfoliate once every week with your choice of scrubs.

You can use natural ones available in the market or even make your own using home ingredients. Oats, gram flour, walnut grits, sugar, coffee grinds, grounded orange peels – are all organic exfoliating ingredients you can use.


On overall speculation, you will notice that these above-mentioned skin habits are easily doable. You must always think of skincare as self-care (which it is in a way). And after a long tiring day, you and your skin need some pampering, don’t you think?! A beauty detox as well as a mental detox.

Our point is you must be aware of your skin and take care of it just like indulging in other things. It can really change the game for you.


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