Winter = Cozy afternoons, lazy mornings, hot beverages, snuggly sweaters, and pretty skies. And while you enjoy this pleasant weather, it can be a little harsh for your skin. Dry, itchy face, chapped lips, redness on your face, dry white cast on your body’s skin – urgh! The nuisance! In winter, there is less moisture in the air around you. Your skin practically screams for some moisture during this season.

So, to combat these unwanted, unpleasant conditions you need to amp up your skin game. No matter what regime you follow, you need to follow a winter skincare routine to take care of your skin. If a few of these issues are ignored, they might get harsh and cause serious trouble. So, we have some full-proof, effective, and totally doable winter skincare tips listed down for you!


With just a few tweaks and updates to your normal skincare regime, you can achieve supple, soft, and healthy skin. So, if you have questions like – How can I glow my face in winter? Or How to prevent dry skin in winter?

Here are some easy winter skin care tips that you can follow.


No matter how much you long for a hot shower during chilly winter mornings, try avoiding them. We hate to break it to you, but hot water strips natural oils produced by your body. This makes your skin even more dry than usual. So, plan on taking a bath with warm water, cool, or normal temperature water.



Make lip balm your friend during the chilly weather. Always carry a moisturizing lip balm wherever you stroll. Keep reapplying at regular intervals. Invest a few minutes weekly to exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead skin. Use a gentle scrub for this or you can even make your own DIY lip scrubs at home.

Ps. If you are a lipstick lover, you can make your own DIY Lipsticks with natural oils, promoting moisturizing qualities for your chapped lips. This way, you look great AND take care of your lips too.


Moisturising is probably the most important skincare for winter. Don’t shy away from moisturizing twice a day or at least once, liberally. It is best to apply it right after you shower.

Massage it well into your skin and let it seep in. Get yourself a good quality moisturizer, suitable for your skin type. You can also go for natural moisturizers to prevent dry skin.

A lot of you also experience extreme dryness on your knees and elbows, especially during winters. The skin there is thinner and therefore dark patches start forming there. This situation can be easily taken care of by using Elbow Knee Balm that contains the goodness of Theobroma cacao butter. It not only helps you get rid of the dark patchy skin but also moisturizes your knees and elbows.


We need humidifiers in our lives. Especially now that most of us stay indoors due to the global pandemic and WFH situation. Humidifiers help restore moisture in the air which is dry, cold, and contain less moisture than usual. This way your skin stays hydrated in winters easily.



Use it in a room where you spend your time the most. If you are an outgoer, it’s best to use it in your bedroom at night. Here you can easily get the exposure and moisture-restore for a long period of time. So, do invest in a good humidifier as a part of your winter skincare routine. Club this night-care routine with Prebiotic Sleep Mask for an added moisture boost and wake up with a naturally plump face in the morning. It hydrates your skin, helps with signs of aging, and on top of that, also reduces pigmentation.



Isn’t water a cure for everything?! Well, mostly yes; especially for your skin. While you follow your skincare for the winter season; eating right and drinking an ample amount of water is equally important. This habit keeps your body healthy from the inside and supple from the outside. A low water intake can result in dryness and dullness of the skin. Therefore, you must drink more water (2 liters extra) than usual during winters.



Food-wise, decrease your processed foods and sugar intake, which are anyways a bad thing for healthy skin. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet in the form of fresh salads, soups, warm stews, juices, etc. When your body receives a fair share of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and carbs, you glow naturally.



Skincare products that contain chemicalssulfatesparabens, strong artificial colors, or fragrances, may further worsen your skin’s condition. They irritate your skin (especially sensitive and dry skin), cause extreme dryness by robbing off all the natural body oils.

Therefore, please buy a body and face wash free from chemicals and harmful substances. Opt for 100% ORGANIC products enriched with essential oils, hyaluronic acids, ceramides, and natural butters like shea, cocoa, etc. Such ingredients are gentle as well as safe for your skin.




Even during winters, please do not forget to apply your sunscreen (preferably a hydrating one). We don’t know why this is even a myth. In fact, during winters, we try to soak in the sun for warmth, and what if the sun is not scorching hot? You still get UV rays hitting on you and they are your skin’s enemy.

So, if you want to prevent tan, premature signs of aging, wrinkles, spots, etc. wear don’t skip your sunscreen honey. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher would be the ideal choice. Again choose one with moisturizing ingredients like aloe, glycerin as skincare for winter season.

Other winter skincare tips for you to take care of –

  • Dial down your physical exfoliation frequency.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that are not abrasive against your skin.
  • Do not dry yourself completely post-shower. Pat dry your body gently and apply body lotion or moisturizer followed by it.
  • Carry and spray a face mist or toney during the day for that extra boost of hydration and moisture.
  • Choose water over wine in winters. Alcohol can make your skin dry as it may cause dehydration. So, watch your alcohol intake.

These sure are some of the easiest winter skincare tips you will find on the internet. Make sure to follow them and flaunt your naturally glowy, baby-soft skin everywhere you go!

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