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Elbow and Knee Balm


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Are you tired of covering that dark elbow behind those corporate long sleeved shirts?

Or want to wear the LBD without feeling conscious of your dark knees?

Bring home our Elbow Knee Balm, containing essential oils of Orange that help lighten your pigmented skin. Cinnamon helps improve circulation of those tired elbows and knees. Our clients have also used it on their underarms & bikini lines and have found amazing results.

Elbow Knee Balm is a multi-utility and value for money product. Gentle enough to be used every day.
Size: 50gml

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What's in


Rich in saturated fats, it is particularly beneficial for healing dry, cracked skin. The fatty acids present in Theobroma cacao butter are easily absorbed by the skin and is retained for hours so that the healing continues from within. Regular use of this balm will soothe and smoothen the rough skin commonly found on dry elbows and knees.


A potent ingredient with amazing properties is celebrated frequently. It helps soften the skin & improves skin elasticity, making it look younger. It also helps soften the skin & improves skin elasticity.


Helps lighten pigmentation on dull elbows & knees and gives it a natural glow if used regularly.


Helps to improve the texture by moisturising & nourishing the dull and damaged skin.


Helps to calm dry skin, effectively alleviate aches, pains, and stiffness in the muscles and joints. It also helps to enhance circulation, nourish the skin, slow the look of aging, and revives the skin tone.

How To Use

1. Apply sufficient amount on elbows & knees.

2. Leave it on for 5 mins.

3. Massage in an even, circular motion till all the dead skin starts exfoliating.

4. Use a wet wipe or damp napkin to wipe it clean.

Result & Usage


  • Brighten the sensitive skin around your knees and elbows
  • Replace the dry skin texture with a softer, more moisturised skin
  • Slow down acne, aging, wrinkles, etc.


Use it twice a day every day for 3 to 4 months to see dramatic results.

2 reviews for Elbow and Knee Balm

  1. Sakshi Sharma

    It helps lighten your pigmented skin. Just apply, massage and wipe . You can apply it on any darken part of your skin . My experience is super good👌so I added it to my skincare routine forever.

  2. Kritika Beohar

    Instantly softens your knees and elbows, good moisturizer.

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