We put our skin through so much during the day. Plus due to the crazy jam-packed schedule we follow, we just wait for the moment to hit the bed and rest there for yet another crazy day! Our night skincare routine goes for a toss and all we desire is a goodnight’s sleep at 1 or 2 pm, just to wake up early for work again!

With all this, the pandemic strike caused more trouble. Earlier, the good old routine and slightly restrictive corporate hours bifurcated our work life from our personal one. But now, it all feels the same. No personal and professional boundaries seem to work out no matter what. Additionally, everything is online now. – Your kid’s school, college lectures, zoom meetings, webinars, logistics, etc. So, most of our day goes by staring at screens and indirectly damaging our skin.

Stretching long hours in front of your laptop, mobile, or computer screen allows the blue light emitted from your devices to cause fine lines and wrinkles. It leads to cell shrinkage and fastens up the aging process. Not just that, it highly leads to pigmentation. It is just like the UV rays emitted from the sun. They leave a stubborn tan on your skin that further turns into forever dark patches if not taken care of properly. Many scientific studies also show that this harmful blue light destroys collagen from your skin and damages your skin cells directly.

Now, we all can agree that it is next to impossible to avoid screens and gadgets entirely. But, we can carefully plan and cut down the usage for sure. We can also use protective glasses or screen shields that eliminate blue light emissions. But that won’t be enough. Also, what about the pigmentation that you’re already facing?

Not to forget other factors such as unhealthy eating habits, pollution, climate changes, cosmetic reactions, unhygienic caring practices, etc. We understand that taking care of your skin daily might seem like a laborious task, but it really is not. Yes, it takes effort, but you sure can take out a little me time to pamper yourself. After all, the damage won’t repair itself on its own right? With the right products and a regular skincare routine, you’ll be able to revive your skin back from pigmentation. So, are you ready to have those good skin days repeatedly?

Check out these day and night care combos created for you by iORA under their Prebiotic Microalgae Range that will treat hyperpigmentation and will keep it from happening again.


These prebiotic self-care kits are made for today’s hustlers who do not have the luxury of time to follow a long skincare regime daily. Both these combos contain three products each and you can use them easily every day as a beauty routine.

LET’S MAKE IT A DAY TO REMEMBER – iORA Prebiotic Day Ritual Combo contains –

  1. Foaming Facewash
  2. Day Cream
  3. Radiant Serum

SOME THINGS DO HAPPEN OVERNIGHT – iORA Prebiotic Night Ritual Combo contains –

  1. Foaming Facewash
  2. Sleep Mask
  3. Radiant Serum


We’ll now discuss how the products of this kit will benefit you in fighting pigmentation and bring back your natural glow instead.



First on our list is this amazing foaming facewash that is (obviously) sourced with the goodness of prebiotics and microbiome-supporting actives. It is an organic cleanser that has aloe vera, green tea, cucumber, and neem extracts in it. A great part about this product is that it is topped off with a soft silicon foaming brush. This not only disperses the product evenly on your skin but actually scrubs off the dead skin cells accumulated in the form of pigmentation. Because of which your natural inner layer of the skin starts showing up and then can be treated with other ingredients of the combo.



You can easily wear this cream under your daily makeup as it is so lightweight and gets absorbed into your skin effortlessly. With powerful prebiotics, this day cream is highly moisturizing and ultra-nourishing for your skin’s ecosystem.



As we all know that our skin repairs itself when we sleep at night. SO, this is the best time to help it by applying this enriching prebiotic sleep mask by iORA. The formula improves your skin’s lipid barrier and makes it defensive against infections. Post use, your skin will feel tight, hydrated, and glowy in the morning.


Skin serums are ruling the beauty community today. Well, they are not overrated that’s for sure. Serums on naked skin work the best as they get into the deepest layers and work from there. Our serum is loaded with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Magnolia Extract, and other superfoods. We don’t need to tell you the magic of these ingredients, especially Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. They eliminate those dark patches and pigmented areas to give you a youthful glow.

So, if you want to fight pigmentation to restore your glow, try out our all-inclusive skincare kits. The active ingredients in them give you dual protection from UV radiation & HEV light. They even help you treat suntan and signs of aging by improving the collagen production in your skin.

Till then, keep checking out this space for insightful skincare guidance and get to know your skin better.

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