We hate starting the blog with depressing facts, but the reality is, these past two years have been rough for all of us in some way or the other. Amidst all the mental and physical hustle, we somewhere lost our routines and ignored self-care.


Having said that, our skin speaks a lot about our lifestyle and habits. It’s definite to know, a person having glowing skin does every possible thing to keep skin healthy, while another with skin acne might be doing something wrong. And while the new year is approaching us, we are sure you must be making resolutions for yourself. Now, how about you make a resolution about self-care and being there for yourself. Pampering your body and taking good care of your skin?



With the skincare world venturing towards the natural and organic side, we hope you must also be curious or even use such products yourself. One similar concept is prebiotic enriched skincare.

Well, you might be familiar with probiotics, but have you ever heard of prebiotics? To keep you updated, prebiotic feed probiotic and is potent enough to resolve a variety of skin concerns. The studies conclude the use of prebiotics does benefit the gut health to benefit your skin. Though the oral consumption was well-established, the studies and researchers now are emphasizing the skin-healing treatment with pre-biotic with topical use.

Prebiotics are the best and fundamental microbes, partnering with probiotics to give your skin a number of benefits. Though prebiotics and probiotics sound similar, they are different and have respective functions.

Ensuring your skin does get all the nurture, these nutrients are important. There are several skin-care products that you can use or food you can consume that helps to maintain good skin. You can even choose to use iORA’s prebiotic range that acts as a skin savior. There is a product for every major concern you might face.


If you think, your skin is too sensitive for topical use, you should try a patch test. Prebiotics are plant-based carbohydrates and they work as fuel for probiotic bacteria growth.


How Does Combined Usage Or Prebiotic Solutions Help Skin Conditions?

Using them in combination is likely to treat skin conditions by positively affecting the skin microbiome. Skincare solution and foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics can be used to relieve a variety of skin conditions that include, –


Scientific reviews suggest probiotic supplements consumed orally are likely to reduce the severity of eczema.



The topical solution rich in probiotic lactobacillus planetarium assist to reduce acne lesion and repairing the skin suffering from acne.


Oral ingestion of probiotic and prebiotic

The various benefits of bacteria and microorganisms occur naturally in your gut. These probiotics help to improve digestive health and this is yet to be backed completely by science.


To experience long-term beneficial impact the food rich or high in probiotics such as cheese and yogurt can be consumed. While you’re looking for a prebiotic dose, consider food such as onions, asparagus, and bananas. This process breaks the probiotics while it reaches your gut.


Topical application of Prebiotics

When applied directly to your skin, prebiotics results in immediate actions towards your skin issues. Prebiotics can be used on the skin through face serums, face masks, creams, etc. Scout out products with prebiotic actives and superfoods such as Collagen Protein, Natural retinol, Hyaluronic acid, ALPHAGLUCAN OLIGOSACCHARIDE, SCENEDESMUS RUBESCENS EXTRACT.

Check out the prebiotics from the range of iORA that help your skin glow and feel better. They help to preserve the existing healthy bacteria on the skin and encourage the probiotic microorganisms in your skin.

To create healthier skin, a healthy ecosystem of the skin is necessary, and it is contributed by both these elements.



Both those elements play an important role in achieving a healthy complexion and are the best alternative to the chemicals to relieve existing skin conditions. You can alter your diet and skincare routines that help to rejuvenate your skin and feel relieved from the existing conditions.

Being able to take a break and reboot yourself amidst the chaos is anyways a blessing. Besides, don’t you think you owe yourself AND YOUR SKIN some love?! So, make a resolution and start gearing up for a HAPPY SKIN YEAR with prebiotic skincare of iORA.

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