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Prebiotic Skincare
Why Iora

iORA Means Pure

Being your unique self is ‘Pure’ Beauty. At iORA, we believe balance is the key to everything. And while you try to win balance in life, your skin somewhere gets neglected along the way. Hectic schedules, harsh weather, harmful environmental factors, poor diet, etc. Dull out your skin and weakens its barrier. The billions of bacteria dwelling on your skin’s surface, both good and bad, then start reacting adversely. Eventually, this causes an imbalance in your skin’s microflora resulting in acne, oiliness, dryness, and infections.

Prebiotics is the answer to such skincare concerns as it feeds the good bacteria, making it stronger against the damage-causing agents. Prebiotics work magically for your skin. When your skin’s microbiome is healthy, your complexion glows naturally and collagen production is boosted. To support this, prebiotic skincare is turning out to be revolutionary research. iORA currently is the only brand in India curating a full-fledged prebiotic range.

With the launch of 6 new products by iORA, we have created synbiotic formulas that will prove beneficial for your microbiome. So, ‘Define your Perfect’ & slam every beauty norm alleged by society. Slay confidently in your own true skin.

Yes, you must be vaguely aware of microbiome skin care as it is floating around the beauty community in a positive light recently. It can be safe to say that Prebiotic skincare is here to stay! Research states that such extracts help preserve the skin’s natural balance, ultimately leading to supple hydration and a radiant look.

This range will emphasize nurturing a healthy skin ecosystem from within; for you to flaunt that naturally hydrated glow. All the products will carry iORA’s genesis to its core but have a transforming effect on your skin’s health because of the prebiotic essence. After all, Prebiotic skincare is not making the headlines for no reason!

It is Potent, Pure, and Progressive.

Topical prebiotics when applied to the skin make your first line of defense strong and balanced. Conclusively, you restore good bacteria on your face that reveals a naturally radiating shine on your face.

Our Story

About Us

We pride ourselves in being the
First Prebiotic Skincare brand in India truly harnessing the power of
this new, natural technology and combining it with Superfoods, Microalgae, and Essential Oil.




Microbiome Support

No Parabens

Cruelty Free

The Founder

Anita Golani

IORA is the brainchild of Anita Golani, who has been a part of the Beauty and Wellness Industry for almost two decades. Anita is an aromatherapist and is also the founder of the leading parent B2B company Anita’s Aromatic Solutions, which supplies professional skincare products to reputed spas and salons across India.

During the pandemic she realized the changing trends and consumer behaviour in the beauty industry and decided to launch a new line of products to bridge the gap and offer a solution; that worked in tandem with your skin to make it look healthy.

iORA is a clean and effective brand with innovative skincare products powered by Prebiotics, Microalgae, superfoods, and essential oils. Anita truly believes that every skin is a unique canvas depicting its tale, thus it’s time to embrace yourself in the true sense. She believes in the balance, the yin, and yang of things and using your skincare products more mindfully as less is always more when it comes to skincare.

iORA believes in feeding your skin with the correct Prebiotic ingredients that truly strengthen your skin’s barrier and help it fight imbalances like oiliness, dry skin, and breakouts, etc.

For whom?

Who is iORA for?

Your skin needs must be prioritized very genuinely. With that being said, every skin lives a different story. Well, we, at iORA, approach skincare with a different notion. iORA products are designed to respond to the physiology of your skin’s needs. Watch and observe that no single day or month is the same for your skin; pollution, stress, weather conditions, and hormones constantly challenge your skin.  Regeneration of new skin cells, inhibiting a healthy microflora and a well-balanced pH are the main pillars of iORA’s Prebiotic Philosophy. Since it nurtures skin from within, there is no classification and our products adapt to different skin types; and work in tandem with your skin. So whether you are in your teens facing excessive oiliness or acne breakouts; or in your twenties suffering from dehydration on your skin, or maybe thirties with early signs of aging; or forties and the fifties, where you are faced with fine lines and wrinkles or early signs of ageing-iORA, is your answer to strengthening and repairing your skin with Prebiotics, superfoods, and microalgae. With iORA you are never far away from a “Good Skin Day” We believe in minimalistic, easy to use and effective skincare.


What we stand for?

Ethical, Effective, and Sustainable products form the DNA of our company. At iORA, we are committed to this as we continue to grow as a brand.

Our Core Attributes

Sustainable and Conscious

From making our packaging as sustainable as possible to creating cruelty-free products, we make conscious choices every day to be the best we can be – for the people and the planet we’re so grateful for.

Microbiome Friendly

We all know that everyone’s skin behaves differently; no single day or month is the same for your skin; pollution, stress, weather conditions, and hormones constantly challenge your skin. Regeneration of new skin cells, inhibiting a healthy microflora and a well-balanced pH are the main pillars of iORA’s Prebiotic Philosophy. Our products are created with ingredients that make your skin’s barrier more resilient to imbalances and breakouts.

Ingredients Decoded

All our formulations contain ingredients that are natural, paraben-free, and scientifically backed. We have been in the beauty industry for 22 years with our brand Anita’s Aromatics and have supplied products to reputed spas and salons. The feedback that we have gathered over the years has helped us create a strong product portfolio. Each ingredient has been thoroughly evaluated and has been consciously used. We believe in 100% transparency and each ingredient is listed on our website and our product labels.

Our Four Pillars

How does Prebiotic work on your skin?
Well, to put it in simple terms, prebiotics make your skin HAPPY.

Your skin’s surface is a natural ecosystem that is inhibited by bacteria. Some good, some bad. Prebiotics allow your skin to bloom and prosper. Not only that, they work in maintaining the natural ecosystem of your skin and keep it healthy. The outer layer of the skin protects our skin against harsh climatic conditions, pollution etc. When your biome is balanced, the good bacteria will keep the bad bacteria in check. However an unbalance will cause skin dryness, oiliness and breakouts Pre-biotics are food for the bacteria. This helps in restoring essential bacteria & rebalancing the skin microbiome. They boost and strengthen the skin’s flora. When you work on improving your skin health, it evidently shows on the outside.

Here are a few stellar ingredients that form the pillars for our iORA Prebiotic range:

Alphaglucan oligosaccharide:

The main hero of our product. This is formed by breaking down or fermenting sucrose and maltose by a special transferase enzyme. This when added to the product helps balance the skin’s ecosystem. Prebiotics feed probiotics and boost their production; this inturn improves the skin’s flora.

Scenedesmus Rubescens Extract:

The ULTIMATE UV PROTECTOR! It is obtained from freshwater algae that protect our skin from harmful blue light. With regular use, this extract will help strengthen your defense barrier, even out skin tone, and neutralize free radical damage.

Essential Oils:

We have always believed that all our products should have a more holistic approach. Essential oils work effectively, not only on your skin and hair; it is also very effective for our mental wellbeing. Thus, it forms an important pillar of all our products.

Superfood extracts:

Nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables containing amino acids, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants are termed Superfoods. Ingredients such as Cucumber Extract, Aloe vera extract, sea buckthorn extract, green tea, neem extract are used to formulate our product.

Hyaluronic acid is the most popular active talked about in the beauty community. Extracted from corn, hyaluronic acid improves hydration, combats fine lines, wrinkles, and accelerates the recovery of facial scars.

Natural retinol extracted from carrots, apricots, oranges and bellpeppers soothes the skin with its antioxidant properties. Regular use can help fight acne formation, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Collagen is lost by our body as we age, causing our skin to shrink and form wrinkles. This can be slowed down by deriving fragments of amino acids from various proteins to form a new kind of protein that resembles collagen. Your skin can now be naturally elastic and plumpy with less visible signs of aging because of this beauty. We have used the collagen protein derived from acasia seyal gum, oriza sativa extract, quinoa seeds and ginseng roots.

All our ingredients are organically grown without using any pesticides or fertilizers. Every root, herb, fruit, and vegetable is hand-picked to preserve its purity. Our brand also focuses on sustainability by opting for RECYCLABLE PACKAGING.

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