With all the beauty rituals we may or may not follow, a DEEP CLEANSE once a week is a must. We all crave healthy glowing skin but let’s admit, taking action and putting efforts is where we lag amidst our frantic schedule. But, as the old saying goes, ‘No pain, no gain’.

Although, if you really consider doing a deep facial cleanse at home, it is not as clumsy or laborsome as you might think. – it SHOULDN’T BE! – to say the least. If you follow the right steps in the right way and keep a few key pointers in mind, this routine can actually be fun. It can turn out to be your me-time, where you prioritize yourself and take a breather from your daily hotchpotch.

We understand the state you deal with. Juggling a full-time job along with being a patient parent to your kids, can sometimes be just too much. Besides, you may not always have the luxury of time to book an appointment at your favorite salon for a pampering season. What you can do instead is plan on doing your facial clean-up at home itself. This can be your chance every week to release stress and reboot for yet another crazy week ahead of you.

Now that we have got you convinced into doing deep cleansing at home, let’s tell you the things you’ll need. There are also some basic tips and impractical myths that are associated with the process that we will uncover.

So, here is our entire step-by-step guide on deep cleansing your face at home.

Step No. 1 – Remove make-up, dirt from your face that has settled during the day

The first and foremost step is to get rid of any make-up or settled dirt off your face before going to bed. For this, use a gentle make-up remover or micellar water. You can also use coconut oil for this job. It is a natural alternative for removing make-up and works best for sensitive skin types. Use a microfiber cloth or a cotton pad for make-up removal.

You should never miss this step. Not even on a regular day. If you get lazy and let the make-up stay on your face, your pores will get blocked and give rise to the formation of acne. Maintain this habit religiously for healthy, youthful-looking skin.


Step No. 2 – Wet your face and use a suitable cleanser to wash it.

Now, here comes the myth! The water temperature. Coldwater doesn’t evidently close pores or hot water doesn’t open them. Yes, the skin does get a little tighter when cold water or ice is rubbed on it. It is only because the skin is flexible and it reacts to extreme temperatures. Therefore, we suggest you only use lukewarm or normal room temperature water for your wash or clean-up.

Use a chemical-free cleanser or face wash preferably. Because, why not?! It’s common knowledge that avoiding harmful chemicals on your face and body might give you instant solutions; but degrade your skin from the inside, in more than one way.

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The product is much loved because of how convenient it is to use and for a fact that it is suitable for all skin types.

iORA’s Foaming Face Wash is gentle on the skin but harsh on dirt and residual make-up. Go ahead, give it a try and experience the goodness of superfoods for yourself.

Massage this cleanser in every nook and corner of your face using circular motions. Do not forget your neck as well. It needs the same tending too! So, slather some on there as well.


(Remember this – Extreme water temperatures can cause irritation to your skin so do not play with those; especially on your face.)


Step No. 3 – Exfoliate / Scrubbing your face and neck

Pat dry your face after cleansing and get ready to use your favorite scrub. It could even be a DIY homemade scrub. Work the scrub into your face for a good 90 seconds in gentle circular and upward motions. Doing so, in every step will gradually improve the blood circulation of your face and give it a healthy gleaming glow. This way, all your dead skin cells are also extracted and the true skin surface is revealed. You will start feeling your skin get firm and lifted at this stage.

And as we mentioned earlier, do not stop at your jawline or chin. Move downward on your neck as they are prone to dirt build-up too.


Lastly, wash off the scrub and pat dry with a microfibre cloth or a soft towel. Make sure it is clean.

Another myth that we would like to address here is; some people believe that leaving the face soaking wet and air drying it on its own will help moisturize it. But, it is not true. In fact, when the water dries out, your skin feels stretchy and dry.

Step No. 4 – The T of CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing)

Take a small splash of your loved toner on a cotton pad and run it around your face. Make sure you allow the product to seep in properly. Now, wait a few minutes before the final step.

Step No. 5 – Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

We can’t stress this enough. Although, every step mentioned here is important; you just can’t skip moisturizing. After all that washing and scrubbing, your skin is deprived of moisture. It might even feel flat dry. Therefore, a boost of hydration is a must to complete this deep cleansing session. Use a generous dollop of moisturizer and work it into your skin. Apply it only once your toner has been all taken in by your skin.

This step prevents your skin from overdrying further and leaves your skin feeling supple.

Few bonus tips –

  • If you are prepping your skin for a D-Day or a special occasion, add another step to your routine.

Opt for a facial mask for that extra oomph. Choose your mask wisely depending on your skin type or any specific allergies. – as some products may contain certain essential oils or potent ingredients that might irritate your skin.

  • Use mild products. – especially people with sensitive or acne-prone skin types.
  • A microfiber cloth is a superb buy. It is inexpensive and highly reusable.

So, take a break, get in the shower, put on some music, and enjoy some Me-Time with this Deep Cleansing Routine.

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