You try to keep up with the various beauty trends panning across social media, using skin as your canvas. But have you ever wondered about the harassment it causes your skin? Trying on different products and formulas randomly just for the sake of trends or FOMO; you end up killing your skin’s ecosystem.


  • What’s skin ecosystem you ask?

Well, clinically it is also known as the skin microbiome or skin flora. Just like mother nature, our skin also consists of several ecosystems where bacteria reside. Some bacteria assist in maintaining healthy skin while the bad kind does exactly the opposite.

This outer layer needs to flourish in the right way to attain healthy, glowing skin. But with confusing skincare knowledge, and overuse of products & makeup, the skin’s microbiome is harassed. The barrier starts weakening and turns more prone to infections. Then problems like acne, early signs of ageing and other skin care concerns arise, only to stress you out even more and affect you adversely yet again. 

But, all of this can be cleared out of the way by a few clean practices. What are they? – we’ll learn about the most important one of them in this article. 


You must have heard the term – SKINIMALISM.

An amalgamation of two words – skin + minimalism. 

Let’s decode what exactly it is. 

Long gone are the days of cakey makeup looks and fancy skincare routines. Going the minimal skincare route is the best thing you can follow for optimal skin health. Skinimalism simply means using only essential formulas and not layering up unnecessary/random skincare on your face. 

Earlier morning and night skincare routines involved nearly 10 steps each. Not to forget the devices we use for sculpting and massaging your faces. 

But do you really need a dozen steps/ skincare products to maintain your skin? Plus, there’s no competition here! You don’t need to follow every trend you see. Prioritise your skin rather than trends. How can you do that?! Well, check the following pointers to know – 

  • Break the circle – If you are already caught in the madness, give your skin a break from all the skincare products you are using. Yes, before even hopping onto the skincare journey, step back and let your skin breathe a little (just like you need a vacation to unwind from work). Meanwhile do not skip hydrating moisturising in the form of day cream that will aid in healing the various layers of your skin.
  • Research before buying – Understanding what you are feeding your skin is important especially when you take the minimal skincare route. You also need to remember that certain formulas/ingredients do not work well together when used together.
  • Use gentler products – Learn the safe potency percentage of your active ingredients. Start slowly and then steadily raise the potency. Do a patch test before using any new product/formulation. 


  • Find a good formula that works well with your skin type. Find out what your skin type is and understand what works in its favour. The right blend of formula can be a big boon for glowing skin in the future.
  • Do not change your products frequently – In skincare, everything takes time. A new formula or a skincare product takes weeks to settle down on your skin and work its magic. Having said that, frequently changing them can harm your skin adversely.
  • Practise intuitive skincare – Pamper your skin by knowing what it needs. For that, you need to observe how your skin reacts to moisture, weather changes, and other related things.
  • Practise seasonal skincare – Take the liberty of changing your formulations as per every season. As the moisture levels in the air differ. So approach skincare in a seasonal manner by altering it aptly.
  • Use simple organic skincare products – Humble ingredients make up for great organic skincare. Follow and buy from brands who curate such products that are both beneficial for you as well as nature. 
  • Professionals know better – Take proper consultations and recommendations from dermatologists regarding your skincare journey. It’s okay if you don’t understand everything on your own. After all, there are experts whom you can consult for such things. 

The beauty industry needs to take a chill pill because skinimalism is here to stay y’all! Mindful skincare is a great way to move ahead which everyone must follow. So, ditch the complicated skincare involving harsh chemicals and opt for minimal skincare.

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