How could you have survived this lockdown without the presence of your wife and children around, have you given it a thought? 

Quarantines may have bought you closer to your family as a whole. But it has regardlessly been a tough task for your wives to manage, work from home alongside making sure the house chores are done on time. You may have relentlessly looked around for ways to help her out. Then, switched on to look for gifts to appreciate her efforts time in and time out. 

But believe us when we say, times have really changed. It has made it hard for your better half to enjoy a pleasurable and relaxing escape at her favorite parlor. Simple things like such salon-visits may no longer feel as safe as before. 

But hold on, you also clearly know that a quick rejuvenating salon session can do wonders to her mood. Especially when all she needs is a little pampering time to herself.

So save yourself the struggle, as we’re about to reveal the BEST gift you could possibly think of at this time. 

The ultimate gift of SELF-CARE. 

Perfect to change her mood and make her festive ready in the true sense, that too, without the risk of stepping into the salon! 

This will also easily bring back the feeling of ecstasy she missed, amidst the chaos of constantly juggling work at two places. Thus, allowing her to PrIORAtize herself.

You ask HOW? 

The Classic Gift Box, curated personally by Iora, packed with  

  • 100% Organic/Natural Ingredients
  • A Sulfate-free/ Paraben-free formula
  • 100% Vegan

The perfect way YOU can PrIORAtize her & she can PrIORAtize herself! 

Without bringing in NO SIDE-EFFECTS at all.

Curious to find out what this Magic Box has in it?

The uniquely crafted manicure pedicure kit is a conditioned mix of natural ingredients to nourish the hands and nails. A subtle application of either of the two can pump back all the lost shine and softness to the tender finger and toenails. You also get to choose between the two variants while creating your version of the Classic Gift Box!

A little liquid application of the callus softener can sublime the swollen areas around the elbow and knees. It is quite easy to use and can wipe off all the unwanted calluses caused due to excess tension in the body. After a gentle massage around the affected area for a few mins will give you an instantly noticeable change. 

In the past 6 months, her hands have definitely gone through the most. This unique nail dip powder can pamper her nails back to good health by instantly making them strong and reducing yellowness. 

The blend of nourishing butters and oils exfoliate dead dry skin and moisturize them with some much-needed richness. – leading to smooth supple skin in just a few applications. 

The glow hot mask can detoxify skin and extract all dirt & dust. – Granting the skin with deep nourishment and moisturization both at once. Also, after consuming this glow hot mask, don’t rush to throw the sticks holding them. They are no less than magic wands, bury them in the soil to see life ( healthy plant) grow right in front of you.

  • Iora Organic Handmade Soap

Iora Organic Handmade Soaps made from essential oils, natural additives and butter which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients can promote healthy and glowing skin. 

So, Don’t Wait up Anymore! Grab your Classic Gift Box before it goes OUT OF STOCK! (so that you can complement her while bragging about your gift, wink wink!)

We sternly wish You PrIORAtize Wellness while we continue to PrIORAtize YOU!

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