We all love indulging in a glam session every now and then before heading out. And although we look great post-glam, it is important that we do not lazily crash at night without taking it off.

One of the biggest beauty crimes you can commit is sleeping with your make-up on. It is a very bad habit that invites thousands of skin problems for you to deal with. 

In this blog and the blog following this, we are going to unravel the various aspects related to make-up removal, the consequences of sleeping with your make-up, how to deal with skin problems post that, and the products and ingredients to choose for your damaged skin, tips, and much more.


As we all know skincare routines must be followed religiously. Skipping even one step over time and simply not being consistent with your skincare can lead to some serious damage in the long run.

Sleeping with your make-up on is one such vital mistake you can make, especially if you have existing skincare problems that you are dealing with. Read along to know what happens when you do not cleanse your face properly before taking your goodnight’s sleep.

1) Clogged pores and acne breakouts:

Most make-up products we use are comedogenic in their formulation. Simply means, they cover up and blog the pores – restricting your skin to breathe properly. This leads to major breakouts, skin congestion and excess oil secretion. Cosmetic products like foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows, etc. are curated with long-lasting formulas and are chemically based. All of this leads to a guaranteed, higher risk of breakout which further causes the spreading of bad bacteria and infections.

Therefore, it is advised to use minimal makeup, and keep it on your skin for less time. And when you do not remove your makeup before going to bed, you do the exact opposite. You allow the makeup to sit on your skin and wreak havoc on your skin. 

Did you know? – There’s a certain type of acne that is induced specifically by makeup. They appear in tiny bumps near the chin, cheek and forehead area. So, removing makeup not only helps you eliminate existing acne but also prevents new formation. 

2) Harmful free radical damage:

Throughout the day, our skin encounters pollution, the blue light emitted from the gadget, and UV rays from the sun. These are environmental stressors that strain your skin’s ecosystem and cause free radical damage by attacking healthy cells. All this results in early signs of ageing, dullness, inflammation, etc. 

Sticky primers and foundations can be a breeding ground for dirt and debris to settle upon. Free radicals tend to stick to your makeup leading to severe skin problems like collagen breakdown. Situations like these restrict the skin to repair itself but rather cause more harm. 

Sleeping lazily with your makeup doesn’t allow your skin to recover from the day’s oxidative stress. This also results in the loss of structural protein, elastin, collagen, etc.

3) Skin irritation and inflammation:

Makeup adds up to your skin’s outer layer. As makeup is often made with synthetic ingredients, fragrances, and harsh chemicals, that causes allergies, skin inflammation, redness, and even irritation. 

Note that inflammation is the first reactive symptom to protect your skin from any damage. So, when harmful stimuli, in this case, harsh makeup ingredients damage your skin, blood rushes to that area as a natural response. Although our skin’s healing is rushed with this response, it also causes swelling, redness and other uncomfortable symptoms. People with sensitive skin types often suffer the worst backlash due to harsh makeup and therefore must be extremely careful in such situations. 

4) Skin dullness:

Another skin problem you have to deal with is skin dullness. You sure must be watching out for your beauty sleep but when you ignore cleansing your face at night, you invite double skin problems your way. There are various regenerative functions that work only at night. Your skin tries to repair itself and regenerate lost health overnight. Growth hormones kick in, collagen is restored, new cells are produced, and dead skin sheds off. These are a few of the major skincare functions that function overnight. 

Having a layer of makeup on simply boycotts and interrupts this entire repairing process. This interruption of a natural process causes a deposit of oil, dirt, and dead skin cell, leading to bad skin health. Due to this accumulation, skin loses its natural glow, and texture; making it look dull and undernourished.

All the above consequences are a byproduct of one single mistake. Although, you can revive your skin with the right skincare routine and the right products in tandem with your skin type; it is a huge task that might takes months to recover. 

But with superfood enriched skincare by iORA, your skin-revival task becomes a lot easy and more effective. iORA’s philosophy is based on Prebiotics and Organic Skincare crafted to help your skin’s microbiome bloom and get strong enough to fight all the free radicals. Our products further work in nourishing your skin the right way with stellar ingredients helping you flaunt a good skin day – every day!

In the second part of this blog, we will continue our discussion on how to effectively remove makeup from your skin before going to bed. Keep an eye out for useful tips as well.

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