This pandemic has turned the world upside down. Both ways, good and bad.

Firstly, it has taken away our freedom of movement outdoors. It has also resulted in one’s mental saturation.

Looking at the brighter side, haven’t we all changed a bit? YES, WE HAVE! Mostly, for good. We now understand the importance of a break. The beauty in detachment from worldly pleasure and being one with our “own-self”. Ticking off that one to-do from your bucket list rather than waiting for the right moment to come. Indulging yourself into self-care and pampering. We appreciate our presence and the care we deserve more than ever.

The change we have decided to make for ourselves have greatly reflected in the choices we make. Change is our lifestyle and making conscious choices by being a part of nature and living with it has become a priority.

Speaking of which, the way people perceive beauty has also changed over time. You might have always listened to a general physician say, “Consume prebiotic food like yogurt to help yourself with digestive health.” Recently, a new crop of prebiotic skin care products is on the market, with just one goal of making skin healthier. There comes a big dilemma when one thinks of choosing a product, especially a skincare product.

And with the recently introduced prebiotic skin care products, many questions arrive.

What’s the difference between the known probiotic and prebiotic?

What are the exclusive differences between a prebiotic skincare product and commercial skincare products?

What are the advantages of including prebiotic skincare into your daily routine? What exactly qualifies a skincare product as prebiotic?

But you can calm down coz we are here to guide you through this honestly.

Let’s first discuss prebiotics in detail!

Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that act as food for good bacterias. In short, prebiotics serves the probiotics of your body. They are largely affected by your gut health. These prebiotics is organically grown without using any pesticides or fertilizer.

  • They aid in skin protection. In skincare, a combination of prebiotics and probiotics can improve skin surface protection.
  • It will ensure that the skin has everything it needs to maintain its barrier intact, smooth, and healthy.
  • Microbes are known to be involved in numerous skin problems like acne and psoriasis
  • So we now have new prospects for treating these skin conditions with prebiotic skincare.
  • Prebiotic foods improve the skin’s barrier function b decreasing the prospect of developing allergic skin diseases.
  • Applying a prebiotic on the skin is the most direct and effective way to affect the skin’s microbiome.

The major protagonist of iora’s prebiotic skincare product is

  • Alphaglucan ooligasachharide.
  • A particular transferase enzyme breaks down or ferments sucrose and maltose to produce this.
  • When this ingredient is introduced to a product, it helps to balance the skin’s environment.
  • Prebiotics feed probiotics and increase their production, which enhances the flora of the skin.
  • The great UV protector is Scenedesmus Rubescens Extract!
  • It’s made from freshwater algae that shield our skin from the detrimental effects of blue light.
  • This extract will assist to improve your defense barrier, balance out skin tone, and neutralize free radical damage if used on a regular basis.
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • It is the most talked-about active ingredient in the beauty world.
  • Hyaluronic acid, derived from corn, promotes moisture, fights fine lines and wrinkles, and speeds up the healing of facial scars.
  • With its antioxidant characteristics, natural retinol derived from a variety of vegetables calms the skin.
  • Acne, wrinkles, and fine lines can all be reduced with regular use.

As we age, our bodies lose collagen, causing our skin to shrink and wrinkle. This can be slowed down by combining amino acid fragments from several proteins to create a new collagen-like protein. Because of this attractiveness, your skin can now be naturally elastic and plump, with fewer evident symptoms of aging.

There have been promising hints from dermatologists and skincare products manufacturers that prebiotics may be beneficial for certain skin conditions.

Let’s move on to commercially available Skin Care products –

One of the most essential benefits of utilizing skincare products is that the skin receives the nutrients it needs to stay young and healthy. We are often unable to meet the needs and criteria for a youthful and healthy face due to an improper eating routine. Please don’t get us wrong: We are not suggesting that using skincare products can substitute for eating juicy, fresh fruits.

Chemically based skincare products should be used with caution and under the supervision of a specialist. – ..because they can create or worsen your existing skin problems.

  1. Dependency – One of the most awful consequences of an overreliance on chemicals is dependency.
  2. Chemicals – Chemical-based products sometimes can have after-effects and negative effects. Many of us are also allergic to particular ingredients, which might cause problems if we are negligent or ignorant.
  3. Limitations and extra precautions- People who feel subjugated and enslaved if forced to utilize the items for an extended period of time. When you use certain products that insist on preserving dietary elements while simultaneously restricting food consumption; it is absolutely unpleasant.

As we can clearly see, a comparative study gave us more clarity. We hope this blog helps you to make a conscious decision about choosing the RIGHT skincare product. This will not only make you glow and feel beautiful from the outside but also from the inside.

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