Namaste!! It’s no longer the English Handshake; it’s our desi ‘Namaste’. Covid-19 has made us realise the importance of being safe, & inquiring about each other’s well-being. It has made us realise that each one of us is safe only when all of us are safe. Stepping out to your local salon was an activity we all missed. Everyone took the social responsibility & did not venture out, so as to protect our loved ones. Inspired by this spirit of self-control, we designed DIY IORA kits- a way to pamper yourself in the comfort of your home.
IORA means pure. It is a range of products that helps you fulfil your commitment to your family to keeping safe & also taking care of yourself. Each product has been created with handpicked pure ingredients, to get nature to your doorstep, because it is time to prIORAtize wellness. Some of the reasons why IORA
  • One time use kits this effectively prevent cross-contamination
  • Do-it-yourself /diy salon like kits
  • Saves time & money
  • Free from nasty chemicals (paraben free, sulphate free)
  • 100% vegan
  • Not tested on animals
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Proudly made in India
  • It’s time to self reliant & help yourself…be atmanirbhar

Who can use ioRA?


IORA DIY kits are easy to use & are for everyone to use. Each product has been created keeping your well-being in mind. 


Why & for whom is this product?


  • Whether you’re a mom who can’t step out cause your scared you will get home infection
  • Or your pregnant & want to nurture your baby with a lot of safety & security
  • We love our elders & would not want them to venture out.
  • Our fidgety teenagers who can’t stay put but have to
  • & for our men who do everything to ensure that their families are protected…we want to protect you too
  • Above all ‘you’. It’s time to ‘PrIORAtise Wellness’

We have something for everyone.

Some of the products we are currently launching are

  • Manicure Pedicure kits- You are wearing your mask all day, but your hands do the talking too. Groom those hands & feet cause no lock-down can keep us away from Mani/Pedi. We have 2 options here-Green Apple Kit & the Blackcurrant kit
  • Nail Dip- say hello to this magic dust for your nails. Taking care of those brittle nails after so many days of handling your household chores is so important. It will help lighten the yellowness & strengthen your nail cuticle
  • Elbow knee balm- This is an area that also needs your attention & care. Rub it gently over all your rough edges & see them nourish brightly. Expert tip it can also be used to scrub out that dead skin from the nape of your neck, or that uneven skin toned underarm or bikini line. 
  • Callus Softener-Calluses can get very painful if neglected for a long time. This is an easy to use product that will help you keep your feet happy, after all they carry your weight all day
  • Glow Hot Mask-Use this bio-degradable glow hot mask, to give a moisturizing boost to those hands & feet. Once you have used the product plant the pencil in the soil. Mother Nature will thank you for this good deed.

So treat yourself to an IORA experience today. Visit us on Also available on Flipkart

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