Whether for cosmetic reasons or hygiene purposes, nail care is absolutely necessary. With proper TLC, your hands look presentable and also keep you free from infections. Nails also indicate your overall health. Fingernails are laminated layers of protein (keratin) and if anything is wrong with your body, nails signal it first.


Healthy nails have a smooth surface, with no pits or dry edges. The colour is uniform without any discolouration or spots. The cuticles are locked in properly. Also, note that vertical edges get more prominent with age. But, if you notice anything unusual, please consult your doctor or dermatologist.

A lot of women like getting nail art done frequently but fail to understand how to take care of nail extensions. A lot of chemicals and colourants are used for nail art which ends up damaging the nails, making them brittle and even staining them badly. So if you are one of these people who want to learn how to take care of nails after nail extension or know how to keep nails healthy, here’s a nail care guide for you.

Hygiene Washing
  1. Always wash your hands frequently to stay away from germs and dirt. If not, bacteria start growing under them and infections are caused. Prolonged contact with water also contributes to weaker fingernails. So keep them clean and dry as much as you can.
  2. While washing dishes or using harsh chemicals, make sure you wear rubber gloves. Prolonged exposure to certain ingredients and chemicals can also lead to poor nail health and skin infections.
  3. Trim and groom your nails regularly. Make sure your manicure equipment like scissors and clippers are sharp and sanitised properly
  4. Learn how to take care of nails after nail extension. Pretty nails can be damaged too. So follow our nail care guide to the T. You can also consult your nail artist for some expert tips pertaining to your specific nail health and treatment.
  5. Moisturise your nails just like you moisturise your face and body. Frequent hand washing might lead to dry cuticles that hurt a lot, flaky skin and nail breakage. To avoid this, you can use a lightweight moisturiser, hand lotion or oil and massage it thoroughly into your hands and cuticles. Use an organic hand cream for even better results. iORA recently launched an alcohol-free Prebiotic Palm Balm which is organic (obviously) and non-greasy. The ingredient blend not only nourishes your hands but also helps them stay germ-free. The citrusy aroma it carries is quite addictive.
  6. Take Biotin supplements after consulting with your doctor. It is a nutritional supplement that strengthens brittle nails and treats hair fall too.
  7. Do not bite or cut your cuticles. Leave them alone. They are there for a specific reason. Cuticles act as a natural barrier for bacteria and fungus. Cutting them or pushing them in forcefully causes painful problems.
  8. Do not over-file your nails from the top. Over-filing makes your nail thinner and prone to breakage
  9. While removing your nail polishes, avoid using acetone-based removers. There are acetone-free formulas available in the market
  10. Don’t opt for frequent professional manicures. Yes, we know nothing beats the luxury of professional nail manicures and pedicures but, most of the products used in these procedures are harsh and make your nails brittle. So limit your nail art appointments to stay away from potential harm.
Trim and groom your nails

Lastly, we would like to emphasise the fact that you must always be observant of your nails as you are towards everything else. Notice and mark if you see any irregularities with your nails. Here are a few things you can watch out for:

  • Colour changes
  • Vertical ridges
  • Damaged cuticles
  • Excessive dry skin
  • Flaky Nails
  • Brittle nails
  • Discolouration or spots on nail beds
  • Bleeding around the nails
  • Separation of nails from the skin
  • Curvy nails
  • Nail thickening or thinning
  • Swelling around the nail
  • Any hurtful instances, etc

Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you observe any of the above conditions.

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