Treating oily skin might not always be an easy task. (especially if it is a hereditary issue). But, the things that concern us more are the acne, dark spots, and pimple bumps that are a by-product of oily skin. These skin issues are unpleasant and can sometimes punch our confidence. As a result, we are tempted to get rid of them through chemical peels, masks, expensive dermat treatments, and procedures.


Oily skin, causes of acne and treatment

But not all of us have loaded bank accounts for all these procedures and to buy high-end products. Luckily, there are still effective ways in which one can reduce and eliminate these common skin issues. Yes, most of you must have guessed it from the title itself. – They are DIY home remedies for oily skin which are so underrated and less trusted. We’ll tell you why

  • Today’s modern world has made us accustomed to fast-paced living. We want super quick results and zero-fuss treatments. This is why a lot of skincare brands today are selling quick result-oriented formulas to consumers. But, these products are loaded with chemicals that are not always good for your skin. Even if they seem to work now, some ingredients might affect your skin’s health later.
  • On the other hand, Ayurvedic home remedies work slowly and steadily. But, they pose zero side effects and are not at all harmful to your skin, when used rightly.
Oily Skin layers

So, with a little patience, consistency, and TLC, you can actually combat oily skin with homely ingredients sitting in your pantry.

Here’s how:

1. Sandalwood Powder

Add a teaspoon of rose water to sandalwood powder to form a thick paste. Apply this evenly to your cleansed face and neck and wash off after 10 mins. You’ll notice your wrinkles and fine lines reduced along with the excess oiliness post this mask

2. Multani Mitti/Fuller’s Earth

Multani Mitti/ Fuller's Earth for Face

With amazing oil-absorbing properties, this stellar ingredient also works on eliminating acne, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. So, if you have a severe sun tan or acne situation along with oiliness, simply mix some Multani Mitti and a liquid of your choice. – (rose water/plain water/milk/tomato juice/cucumber juice) Follow the same instructions as the above mask and see instant results.

Skincare tip: Post these clay masks, please spray/pat your face with rose water or a water-based moisturizer to help the skin retain its moisture levels.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a very useful plant whose pulp nourishes and soothes your skin like no other. It is proven to help treat damaged skin, oiliness, pigmentation, and problems caused by acne.

You can simply apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel on your face during bedtime and let it soothe your skin overnight. After waking up in the morning, wash your face like you usually do with a gentle cleanser.

4. Egg White

Excess oil is also a result of open pores and some pores are so big that they are visible clearly. So, using pure egg white as a mask helps tighten your skin and ultimately, your pores. Egg whites when applied to your skin, dries up and shrink on your face. This way your skin underneath this egg white mask also gathers up – closing open pores, – leading to less oil production.

5. Almonds

Soak some almonds for a few hours and grind them coarsely. Add raw honey and use the mixture to exfoliate your face and watch it draw all the oiliness, impurities, and dead skin cells gently off your face.
Amongst all these DIY home remedies for oily skin, avoid this one in case you have a nut allergy.

6. Orange Peel

Orange peel is loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that also help treat acne, pigmentation, and oiliness. Simply mix one tablespoon of orange peel powder with 2 tablespoons of yogurt and apply this thick paste for 10 mins. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

7. Ice Cubes

Rubbing ice cubes on your face is anyways a great exercise for healthy skin. It helps shrink pores, increase blood circulation, and reduce sunburn. Ice also plumps up your skin and gives it a natural for skin

Rubbing ice cubes on your face is anyways a great exercise for healthy skin. It helps shrink pores, increase blood circulation, and reduce sunburn. Ice also plumps up your skin and gives it a natural glow.

8. Besan/Gram Flour

Perfect to treat sun tan, besan works amazingly for oiliness and acne as well. Make a besan mask by mixing it with water/rose water/milk and apply for 15 mins on your face.

9. Honey

Honey for skin

As a natural humectant, it keeps your skin super hydrated and moist. So if you are looking for a moisturiser for oily skin, honey is the best option. You can apply raw organic honey to your face and wash it off after 10-15 mins.

10. Cucumber

Applying cucumber on skin

Nothing cools your skin down as a cucumber does. You instantly feel refreshed and notice your redness/irritations disappear. Simply cool some cucumber slices in your refrigerator and place them on your skin for the best results.

11. Lemon

Packed with Vitamin C, antibacterial, and astringent properties, lemon works wonders for oily skin. A drenched cotton ball of lemon juice will help you wash the stubborn grime and oil off your face easily. You can dilute it with glycerin especially if you have active acne or open scars on your face. Or simply just opt for other remedies mentioned above.

12. Coffee

Coffee benefits on skin

A coffee scrub stimulates blood flow to your face and is a great exfoliant. The caffeine helps tighten your skin and eliminate free radicals and puffiness off your face. You can use coffee grounds with raw honey or milk.


  • Wash your face regularly at least twice a day with an organic face wash. Use a gentle scrubber to deep cleanse your face with the cleanser. We recommend the iORA Prebiotic Foaming Facewash that comes mounted with a soft silicone scrubber/brush.


  • You can use blotting papers to soak the excess oil off your face any time of the day. They are thin absorbing paper strips that are cheap and easily accessible in the market


  • Opt for clay-based masks for oily skin. They are even easier and gentler on the skin than peel-off masks.
  • Be consistent with your skincare routine. Even the above DIY home remedies for oily skin won’t turn effective if not conducted consistently


  • Try limiting your sugar intake as well as the number of processed foods. Sugary treats promote acne formation on your face. And we all know, that acne is everyone’s enemy.


  • Do not use heavy cosmetic products if you have oily skin or acne. They clog your pores and cause very bad congested skin. Your oily skin will start acting up if you do not use the right kind of products and worsen your skin condition. What you can alternatively do is start buying water-based foundations, sunscreens, and non-comedogenic makeup products.


  • Use quality ingredients in your DIY home remedies for oily skin for them to work flawlessly and effectively.


  • Observe if your skin is sensitive to certain remedies, products, ingredients, etc. If you spot any, discontinue using them immediately.


  • If your oily skin issues worsen or simply do not get better after these DIY home remedies for oily skin or healthy skin care habits, contact a dermatologist.


Well, this was our guide to tackling oily skin and its issues through Indian home remedies. We hope they will help you control oiliness and provide you with much healthy skin.

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