Since childhood, society has taught us, we should be bothered about our skin complexion and texture. Do you still believe in what society says? Well, we think no one should.

Beauty comes from within and must be celebrated that way. Embracing your imperfections and focusing less on unrealistic beauty standards should always be the game. And while we need beauty and skincare products to help us maintain our natural skin, we often pay less attention to the labels. We are mostly blinded by the big promises the product makes. Rather, we must know what we are feeding our skin as importantly as we do for our tummy.

But various products that we use today are chemically formulated and end up harming our skin instead. Beauty products have various components like salicylic acid, paraben, artificial colorants, sulfates, and many other ingredients that might not suit your skin. Plus, let’s not forget that brands influence us to be that picture-perfect self, which can never be achieved with any products, making you buy them repeatedly; – in expectation of that unrealistic result. And sadly, this vicious cycle continues as a part of our lives.

Amidst all this, we do not appreciate our natural skin, skin tone, and texture. On top of that, we try to fix our so-called ‘imperfections’. Brands have the power to influence us and they must understand the importance of marketing and creating products the right way. Fortunately, we are seeing a brighter side today, where brands are coming up with self-loving and natural beauty concepts. Products are now made and delivered as sustainable, organic, and natural. This is proving safe and positively effective for both us and our lovely environment.

Speaking of skincare, you must always choose a product made with organically-sourced ingredients. Besides that, there are other habits/ways in which you can maintain your natural skin. While beauty is from within, the skin can be nourished by enhancing a few lifestyle changes.

Following are the tips that let you be you.

1. Exercise

Well, this is the primary substitute for those highly chemical-filled products. You simply can choose overall exercise and facial exercises to improve your health and skin.

Rather than standing in front of mirrors and applying the make-up, hit the gym or enjoy a walk in the park that allows you to stay fit and lets your skin feel good.

Also, make sure you massage your face with your favorite essential oil, religiously and regularly.

2. Water

The second important factor that nourishes your skin and body is water. Water is the only element that removes the toxins from your gut and keeps its health in check. Flushing the toxins from the body allows reducing the appearance of acne that occurs due to consumption of excessive oily and fatty food.

3. Getting enough sleep

While you’re choosing everything natural, why don’t you want to enjoy your good night’s sleep? Ensure that you have good sleep that wakes you fresh and not lazy. Also, while you’re bothered about your skin, do try changing the covers of the pillow every 2 days. This will keep the dirt away from your skin. Getting enough sleep also allows your mind to relax.

4. Live a healthy life

It’s really difficult to stay away from street food, spices, and other lip-smacking food, but is it more important than your health? Live a healthy by at least limiting the consumption of sodium, sugar, and flour. An excessive quantity constantly piles up the fats and shows up on your skin. The best way is to replace your oily, salty, and sugary meal with vegetables, and fruits. Ensure the consumption of unhealthy food items is minimized.

5. Do follow your CTM

Well, yes, we are talking about CTM. This is a simple ritual to follow and you can choose the natural products for this.

While you’re finding natural CTM products, you can check out IORA’s Prebiotic skincare products that are designed with organic ingredients and superfood extracts. Even the packaging is sustainable, so it is a skin-win situation (wink, wink)!

6. Stop washing your face constantly

While we are addicted to a product or fragrance, or the need to feel cleansed, we tend to wash our faces constantly. This habit is likely to abstract the healthy oils from your skin. Do ensure you avoid this habit especially if you use a chemically-based facewash. Washing your face with clean water can do the trick.

Every person has a different opinion, but it’s you who know what your skin needs. Reconsider the societal norms and feed your skin the right things in the right way. Your skin is God-gifted and it’s your responsibility to take care of it. Own your imperfections to the world proudly and celebrate the real you!

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