The eyes are said to be the most important features of any human being. Every eye depicts a story, but sometimes, it might also be a sad reflection of our lifestyle. How? –

WFH routines, social media screen time, virtual hangouts, Netflix binge, sleepless night-outs, all of these activities drain the life out of your eyes. Have you ever noticed that our screen time is constantly increasing especially after the pandemic? We are constantly on our gadgets with very little sleep. Our social habits and unruly lifestyle have a huge effect on our bodies. We don’t realise it but our eyes can reveal a lot about our health.

Plus, no one wants dark under-eyes. It is a big complex for many people. But, rather than being embarrassed about it, you can treat this issue. It is not something that will stay lifelong. So, read through this article to treat dark circles at home with easy eye massages.


-Emotional health
-Physical Discomfort or illness
-Unhealthy diet
-Long hours exposed to screens
-..and obviously, lack of sleep


face massage


While there are various products that help you get rid of dark circles and under eye pigmentation, you must definitely try eye massages. The blood flow towards your eyes is improved and you feel relaxed. Simple things like these can help you with your dark circles in an effective way. In this blog, we will help you understand how you can treat them better, how massages play a huge role along/apart from products you use, and quick massages that you can practise daily under your eye.


We all are aware of body massages and have experienced their benefits so much that we have fallen in love with them. Post massage, your body feels so calm, relaxed, and free. Similarly, you can destress your tired eyes too.

Strained eyes due to the above-mentioned reasons can be revived back to health with a simple eye massage for dark circles. Moreover, redness of the eyes and fatigue also gets treated. This gentle eye massage around your eyes will –

A. Improve blood flow in that area – making it appear less dull. Frayed nerves, muscle tension, and stress are relieved because of it.

B. It is one of the best ways to take care of your eyes in the most cost-effective way as well. All you need is a hydrating oil or your regular eye cream. You can even massage on bare skin, just remember to be gentle as the skin around your eyes is delicate.

C. Puffiness can be reduced.
D. It is a good skin prep habit before make-up.


under eye massage


There are various eye massage techniques as well as pressure points you need to caress while conducting these massages. Pressure points when stimulated, increase the lymphatic circulation of your body. And as massaging draws oxygen to that particular part of your body, visible dark circles eventually fade away.


A. Kindly use your ring finger specifically for eye massages as the pressure applied by it is very delicate. While dealing with pressure points, press for 3 seconds at one point and move along in a pumping motion. Apply gentle pressure and continue the eye massage for 5 to 7 minutes. Stimulating pressure points helps in detoxifying and cleansing our gallbladder, liver, and stomach as well. And as we all know, a healthy gut always reflects on your skin.


B. This second eye massage for dark circles is also a very simple one. It is based on the lymph drainage theory that treats eye bags, puffiness, and ultimately dark circles. Tap your index fingers in gentle motions around your eyes in circular motions. Remember, do not drag or tug, simply tap gently to bring more blood flow to the area. Then, you can move upward to your eyebrows as well as down on the cheekbones, bridge of your nose, etc. You can gently press the brow bone with your middle finger and can pinch out your brows ever so slightly to release tension.


This is such an easy and convenient eye massage for dark circles which can be performed any time of the day. Practise it during your work break, without losing your makeup. You can finish this eye massage by applying a beneficial good eye cream or aloe vera gel or ice pads to feel even more relaxed.


under eye pads


As a part of self-care, we hope you include these simple yet essential eye massages for dark circles every day. Use products with ingredients that will help you with pigmented under-eyes. Also, do not forget to keep your eyes off screens at regular intervals, wash your eyes with clean and cold water, eat right, and stay hydrated!

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