Have you ever sat with your own self for 15 mins throughout the day and consciously cared for yourself? Have you counted yourself as a blessing?

We often accept the personality that society and other factors paint of us. We religiously follow the track that we think we are assigned as a gender role. It’s time we move past this and engage in the things we love doing, the things that make us happy and contended.

Amidst your chaotic life rituals, you often forget to take care of yourself while serving others the same. Yes, being loving and kind to others is a sweet thing. But, at the same time, do not neglect yourself in the process. All you need is to practice some SELF-LOVE!

You can do that in many ways,- big, small, personal. It is a very proud and enlightening process where you just have to focus and believe in YOU! Find your true self in the journey and CELEBRATE that.

HOW? – you ask? By simply doing these little things.

  1. TAKE A BREAK for God’s sake!

Go UNWIND at your favorite retreat spot and indulge in some much-needed private time. Keep your phones, laptops, and other gadgets at bay. Taking a backseat will give your mind and body some rest. This small break away from all the daily hustles will help you revive and rejuvenate for the future again.

2. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Happiness lies in little things. If you cant go out and chill, try enjoying the simple pleasures of life at your own home. Order some food online, binge-watch your favorite movie, and finish that bucket of ice cream all by yourself. Do whatever will help you destress for a while. Small treats of happiness can help you recharge big time!

3. Treat yourself with a Salon Spree to melt that stress away!

Salons are every woman’s safe haven. Book yourself a relaxing salon appointment and get groomed. After all, you feel good when you look good. Now, if you can’t go out or book a spot at your favorite parlor, worry not! You can get your beauty therapies at your own house too! Discover iORA’s ‘Salon at Home’ range and make your pick from a range of self-care goodness. Pamper yourself with Ready to use DIY Manicure Pedicure Kits. The brand is 100% Organic, Vegan, and Chemical-free.

4. Be YOU! – Unapologetically.

Lastly, do not hold back on embracing and expressing yourself. For this, acceptance is the key! Accept the way you are and do not judge yourself as others do. Live your life on your terms. Only then can you truly stay happy.

Be your authentic self and express your feelings more loudly in whichever form pleases you. It can be through your hobby such as drawing, journaling your feelings, doodling, painting, fashion, etc.

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