We see back-to-back beauty trends and innovative products being played with on social media by beauty gurus and influencers. Whether it’s a peel-off mask or color-changing blush, we are all in for it. But have you noticed that these trends are only about outer beauty and make-up? When in reality, shouldn’t we focus equally (or rather more) on glowing from within? After all, no matter how much makeup you use to conceal your imperfections, at the end of the day you sleep in your own natural skin.

Now, we are not against external beauty or makeup. What we want you to emphasize is healing and glowing from within. Because when you glow naturally, your skin is healthy and there is not much to conceal or hide behind layers.

The ‘NO MAKEUP’ makeup look that everybody is going crazy about and trying to perfect can be yours naturally if you just understand basic skin science. Just like you take care of your tummy, skin is an organ too that must be mindfully treated. There are certain stressors that aggravate your skin and leave you with new problems to deal with on a daily basis.

To be honest your skin isn’t very demanding at all. If you take care of it in a wise way, it will behave beautifully, giving you a flawless canvas to brag about. But, on the other side, if not tended to properly, your skin will upset you with unwanted pimples, pigmentation, fine lines, and all that havoc.

Come, let’s understand SKIN better…

Skin being one of the important organs of your body, is pretty forgiving at first. But, when attacked constantly by external and internal stressors, loses its calm and reveals its bad side then.

  • Now, what exactly are these internal and external stressors that we keep mentioning?

They include irregular and unhealthy diets, depression and constant overlaying stress, hormonal imbalance, genetic conditions, untimely sleep cycles, improper skin care, etc. Our skin constitutes a microbiome, just like colonies in cities where people dwell, these microbiomes are where bacteria reside. Our goal as hosts must be to protect and boost the good skin-friendly bacteria and fight the rest off. Prebiotics and probiotics come into play here as they are the regulators for healthy skin.

A few bells might be ringing in your minds right now as you heard the word – MICROBIOME or PREBIOTICS. Yes, just like the trends and inventions we were talking about, microbiome skincare is one of them. It has gained worthy traction and recognition over these couple of years in the beauty industry. And as we inculcate ourselves with this skincare science, we understand more deeply about the ‘BEAUTY FROM WITHIN’ ethos.

  • Unraveling the world of Microbiome and Prebiotic skincare –

Beauty begins in our belly’ – that’s a simple way to explain prebiotics. Your gut health directly affects your skin. So, maintaining a healthy gut is a sure-shot way to attain radiant skin on the outside.

All of this might not sound glamorous to you, but hey! Guess what! – Beauty isn’t always just about being glamourous, but also about meaningful practices. Watching what you eat and maintaining healthy nourishment helps your skin in heaps of ways. Both your body, mind, and soul will feel cleansed from within. Therefore, being mindful of your self-care practices is the key here.

If you let the bad habits overpower you, your body will start playing a domino effect on you. And, trust us you don’t want that to happen.

Now, don’t get scared or disheartened with all this. You can still save your skin from all the damage with a little help. Indulge your skin with some prebiotic care and nature’s hug by using products that support your microbiome.

There are organic products available that are backed up with essential oils and superfood extracts that revive your skin’s health. They help restructure your skin cells and balance the pH levels as well. Once these ingredients start working their magic into your skin, its microflora flourishes and you see visible results within a few weeks.

Researchers have started publishing pieces of evidence regarding this matter; bringing microbiome skincare to the forefront. Additionally, there is nothing to fool here. It is all factual science.

Try out prebiotic skincare for yourself and experience your skin transform into a glorious texture. There is a wide range of options available here as well; ranging from face serums, radiant masks, face wash, etc. Along with this, eat right and keep your daily habits in check. It is the little things that count after all.

So, stay alert and aware of all these things that we discussed above. Yes, flaunt glamour on the outside, but honey stay glamorous on the inside too! Keep self-care as your topmost priority and see how you’ll glow from the inside out!

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