No matter what skincare routine you follow, using a facial cleanser or face wash is always an important step. You cannot miss it. To carry out any skincare regime, you need a clean canvas for feeding your skin all the good stuff. Cleansing your face with a face wash helps you achieve that.

A face wash helps you get rid of make-up, dirt, sweat, excess oil, and any other pollutants present on your skin. During the day our skin is left exposed to sun, pollution, and other environmental toxins. Therefore, washing your face with a cleanser should be practiced by everyone on a daily basis. Conclusively, we need not tell you the repercussions of not cleansing your face every day.


The risk of acne formation, clogged pores, excessive oiliness, skin allergies, infections, etc. increases. It is simply also a matter of personal hygiene that must not be skipped.

Benefits of using a good quality face wash regularly

The right facial cleanser can prove to be a boon in your life. It directly affects your skin health. It also –

  1. Stimulates and boosts blood circulation to your face that ultimately results in glowing skin.
  2. Eliminates dead skin cells and reveals the hidden layer of your facial skin.
  3. Some face washes available in the market also hydrate your skin post use, leaving it supple and soft to touch.
  4. Improves skin texture by removing any unnecessary build-up.
  5. Reduces acne formation and fights signs of aging.
  6. Allows other products to penetrate into your skin with ease.

Investing in a good quality facial cleanser to get optimal results is surely beneficial. But more than that, understand the effect and reactions of ingredients, the formulation of your product as well.

That being said, you must keep a few pointers in mind before choosing the right face wash.

  1. Make sure you test any facewash before using it regularly. Buy a sample or tester of the product and use it to see how your skin reacts to it. Sometimes, you might have to use the face wash three to four times to notice any changes or reactions.
  2. Reach out to products that are suitable for all skin types. This way you avoid the chances of it not working out for your skin. Besides, products formulated for all skin types are mild in terms of potency.
  3. Avoid a chemical-based face wash. Go for an organic, natural, and chemical-free product. They are always the best and we don’t need to tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of the same.
  4. Some face washes dry out your skin, and some strangely even leave your skin feeling sticky or oily. Now, there might be two reasons here. Either it is infused with harsh chemicals that are sucking out all the moisture from your skin while cleansing. OR – the product must be simply not suitable for your skin type. Various brands out there do not create products specifically for a particular skin type. Those are often named generic products. While others fail to mention the suitable parameters on the packaging. Therefore, be a vigilant consumer and read/research about anything you buy beforehand.
  5. Avoid face washes that have high alcohol content or additives. Common alcohols used for making facial products are SD alcohol, denatured alcohol, isopropyl alcohol. You’ll find them listed in the ingredient list. They dry out your skin instantly, feel super lightweight, but can b cruel to your skin. Mostly, they are found in facewashes made for oily skin.
  6. Avoid face washes that are heavily perfumed. For people with sensitive skin, this advice is especially for you.

You must be wondering that this is just too much for such a simple thing as face wash, right? But guess what you should be cautious about anything that you apply to your body. Especially, your face. If you notice, these pointers are really very simple and logical. But still, we miss out on following them.

With so many beauty and skincare available in the market, advertised glamorously, we often fall prey to such products. It’s time we become sensible and intelligent consumers and reach out to brands that come up with organic products.


iORA stands proudly today as one such Indian skincare brand that encapsulates an ORGANIC belief. All our products are –


100% VEGAN



CRUELTY-FREE and of course, 100% ORGANIC

So, if you are scouting for a new facewash that reigns over all the negative pointers we just discussed above, try our NEWLY LAUNCHED


It contains –

  • GREEN TEA EXTRACT, and much more good stuff.

Our foaming facewash is designed with a soft silicone brush on top, which will allow you to have a deeply cleansed face. It is gentle even for people with sensitive skin. Our prebiotic face wash will –

  • Help revive the pH balance of your skin,
  • Improve your skin barrier
  • Prevent skin inflammation
  • Refine your complexion and give your skin a natural glow.

Our newly discovered PREBIOTIC PHILOSOPHY works towards flourishing your skin’s microflora/microbiome. Basically, it recharges the good bacteria to make them strong enough for banishing the bad ones.


With the goodness of superfoods, iORA’s facewash is gentle for daily use. And guess what! It is suitable for all skin types and both for men as well as women. Yes, all products available here, on the iORA’s website, can be used by everyone.

Make sure you check out all our products (especially our newly launched ones). We will be talking about our prebiotic range a lot now, so stay tuned for the deets and product reveals.

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