Most of us spend a fortune on cosmetics products and skin care treatments to make our skin look younger. Little do we know that simple habits and a regular skincare routine are enough to achieve that!

Various research suggests that a daily skincare routine creates a positive impact on our overall complexion (if aided by effective beauty products, obviously.) Speaking of skincare, it is supremely important nowadays, because of the drastic weather changes, food consumption habits, pollution, way of living, etc. Because of all these factors, our skin is prone to age faster, lose its radiance, and more vulnerable to various skin issues.

Therefore, we have compiled below 7 unhealthy habits you should avoid and healthy beauty patterns to manifest for a naturally radiant complexion. Practicing them might not show effects overnight, but definitely benefit you in the long term. After all, even the damage was not done in a day!

No. 1 – Practicing a Complicated Skincare Routine

Applying tons of products on top of one another to tackle every skin concern might not be the right way to go. This will make your skincare regime very complicated. We suggest you ‘Go Back to the BASICS!’


Use an effective cleanser every day at least 2 times (once in the morning and then at night) to get rid of all the dirt and make-up off your face. Then, apply an alcohol-free toner followed by a lightweight moisturizer. You can end your routine with an eye cream.

Just don’t use a ton of products. Allow your skin to BREATHE.

No. 2 – Ignoring your water intake

Drinking an ample amount of water throughout the day is the most basic skincare habit that is very easy to follow. Additionally, it is also beneficial for your overall physical maintenance as well. Water not only provides hydration to your skin but also helps get rid of toxins from your body.

Replace your tea, coffee, and sweetened drinks with flavored water or detox water. It is calorie-free, boosts weight loss, makes skin visibly brighter with fewer pores.

No. 3 – Not Cleansing before BEDTIME

Your skin needs a proper cleanse at the end of every day. Cleansing removes dust and dirt off your face, sweat, sebum (even makeup that blocks your pores), and improves skin health.

Makeup is a huge carrier of free radicals roaming in the atmosphere. This leads to acne, enlarged pores, and various other skin issues. Therefore, if you sleep without washing your face at night, these free radicals and dust particles basically sleep with you too! They not only clog pores but also damage the healthy collagen that results in wrinkles and fine lines.

So, think about all these harmful consequences the next time you get lazy & sleep with your makeup on.

Products to use for cleansing – Facial Cleanser, Micellar Water, CLeansing face wipe.

No. 4 – Not using sunscreen

UV rays are very dangerous for your skin and harm your skin in more than one way. Skin aging is highly a result of extended sun exposure. UV rays damage collagen tissue and skin elasticity leading to skin stretching, sagging, premature aging, freckles, wrinkles, aging spots, discoloration, and even skin cancer. Using good quality SUNSCREEN regularly is the only solution to all these issues.

Therefore, make a habit of wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily that has a minimum of 30 SPF.

No. 5 – Exfoliating Excessively.

We all know skin renewal slows down as we age. So, exfoliation is important to get rid of dead skin cells and repair dull skin. Exfoliation also increases blood circulation that in turn makes your skin glow naturally.

However, go easy on exfoliation. Harsh exfoliators destroy the sensitive skin barriers of your face, making it more prone to damage.

Choose gentle exfoliators with small and natural grains or simply use a natural exfoliating sponge.

No. 6 – Not using the right products / Excessively using chemical-based products

No matter how expensive or how many types of products you use; if they are not right for your skin type/concern, they are a waste. Be aware of the ingredients used in the product before buying them. Avoid chemical-based beauty products. Opt for ORGANIC BRANDS. Chemicals are bad for your skin as they deteriorate your skin barrier.

No. 7 – Taking a lot of STRESS

Stress ultimately shows up on your skin. And, yes, we agree that it cannot be avoided completely. But it sure can be managed and toned downed. A healthy mind is equally important for healthy glowing skin. Meditate often, sleep well, and indulge in relaxing activities.

After all, achieving resilient skin is a matter of a few simple habits that we must practice daily.

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