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  • Repair your skin while at home with our skincare COMBO.
  • Hey there! We know you are simply getting lazy, bored, and most likely given up on your skincare routine during this LOCKDOWN phase. We also know that right now your days might feel a little dull, and let’s agree, so does your skin game!

    Now, rather than sulking and whining, why not make the most of this quarantine? Remember, we were the ones who complained about not having enough time for self-care in the first place? So, why not just utilize the time we have on our hands right now for taking care of our skin, body, and soul?

    Mentally, we have suffered a lot lately and so has our skin. Pampering sessions at home can –

    Lift up your mood, make you feel relaxed, and most importantly, revive your skin back to glory.

    Also, you can walk out of this LOCKDOWN with healthy, glowy skin, ready to rock all the parties and events. We suggest you focus this prolonged time on treatments that take longer to show results. Skin issues that don’t work overnight or in a matter of few days. For example, issues like hyperpigmentation and suntan. Most of us deal with these two skin conditions at large.

    Luckily, iORA has ORGANIC and EFFECTIVE solutions for suntan and hyperpigmentation.

    iORA’s one such DIY Dry Skin Remedy Combo consists of two products –

    1) Glow Hot Mask

    2) Elbow Knee Balm

    Glow Hot Mask

    Fade off the stubborn sun tan or any pigmentation from your hands and feet with this product to reveal naturally glowing skin. We all know suntan is not so easy to get rid of. It takes almost one to two months to clear it from your skin. And therefore, you might want to invest in products that effectively treat suntan. iORA’s Glow Hot Mask is one such product.

    The main ingredients of this mask are – Theobroma Cacao Extract, Shea Butter & Vitamin E. Collectively, they work like magic on your skin by extracting all the tan out!

    Now, some de-tan products tend to leave your skin dry post use. But not this one. There are some other ingredients in it that reload your skin’s moisture level way up! They are –


    Smoothens the skin texture & acts as an antioxidant for your skin’s health.


    Acts as a skin conditioner to nourish your skin from within.


    A relaxing agent that also soothes dry skin.

    And, that’s not it! This product is a very special and unique one by iORA.

    WHY? –

    Well, the mask is mounted on a biodegradable pencil. The tip of this pencil has plant seeds in it. So, post-use, you cant sow the stick into the soil. Very innovative and thoughtful right?

    We recommend using it twice a week as a spa treatment for your hands and feet.

    For a detailed demonstrative video on How to Use the products, < CLICK HERE >

    Customer Review –

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Sakshi Sharma – April 1, 2021

    “Loved this glow hot mask. Best treatment for dry skin in manicure and pedicure form. After usage, I planted this at my home as its tip has plant seeds in it. The must-go product for dry and damaged skin.”

    The second product of this combo is –

    Elbow Knee Skin Lightening Balm

    A lot of us experience hyperpigmentation on various parts of our body. Mainly, our skin near the elbow and knee darkens easily because these joints come in contact with various surfaces more often. Also, the skin is thinner here. And, there are very few products that tackle these areas of your body. Major skincare is focused on hands, face, and legs. This is the reason why hyperpigmentation keeps on building in these areas.

    Therefore, you end up covering them by wearing long-sleeved clothing, and full-length pants. But you don’t need to be concerned and conscious anymore. iORA’s Elbow knee balm when applied daily, fades away such pigmentation with ease.

    It contains essential oils of Orange that help lighten your pigmented skin. Cinnamon helps improve the circulation of those tired elbows and knees.

    What’s surprising is that our clients use this balm on their underarms, bikini lines and on the back of their necks as well. So, you see, this is a multi-use product!

    Your skin will feel moisturized and glowy with these ingredients –


    • Rich in saturated fats, it is particularly beneficial for healing dry, cracked skin. It soothes and smoothens the rough skin commonly spotted on dry elbows and knees.


    • It softens the skin’s texture and improves skin elasticity.


    • helps lighten pigmented skin on your elbows & knees and gives it a natural glow if used regularly.


    • Helps to improve the texture by moisturizing & nourishing the dull and damaged skin.


    • Helps to calm dry skin, effectively alleviate aches, pains, and stiffness in the muscles and joints. It also helps to enhance circulation, nourish the skin, slow the look of aging, and revives the skin tone.

    For a detailed demonstrative video on How to Use the products, < CLICK HERE >

    Customer Review –

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Sakshi Sharma – April 1, 2021

    “It helps lighten your pigmented skin. Just apply, massage and wipe. You can apply it on any darken part of your skin. My experience is super good so I added it to my skincare routine forever.”

    An under moisturized and dull skin looks very unpleasant. Plus, dry skin invites a lot of skin issues that (trust us) you don’t want to deal with!

    Natural body butters and essential oil blends used in these products seep deep into your skin layers and nourish it from within. So, bring these products home and get ready to flaunt all your favorite clothes without being conscious.

    Treat your skin well and take care of it, only to flaunt it effortlessly post lockdown. After all, you need to showcase all your shopping you’ve been doing online while at home, right?!


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