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We’re all doing our part to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus

We wash our hands with soap and water till you have finish singing Happy Birthday twice ; then we blow our nose and we wash our hands again; we use the toilet and we wash it again…you get the idea , we are constantly washing and sanitising our hands .

After washing thoroughly in between the fingers, under the nails, on top of the hands, even the wrist area, we squirt on hand sanitizer for extra protection and rub it in all over as it burns every little open cut on our fingertips.

But we do it, over and over and over throughout the course of the day because it’s for our protection and the protection of others in stopping the spread of germs.

Then at some point during the day, you get a look at those hands. Whose hands are they? They’re dried and cracked and look years older than you feel. It’s the price we pay for doing our part.

Why is handwashing so harsh on our skin?

The outermost layer of our skin is composed of oils and wax, and it acts as both a shield from the outside and a guard that maintains natural moisture in the skin. This natural barrier is broken down by the suds created by soap while washing hands, which does not discriminate between unwanted oil, germs, debris and natural oils in the skin. Not applying hand cream can lead to dryness, redness, itching, flaking, discomfort and in severe cases, cracks in the skin. Those with pre-existing conditions like eczema can experience worsening symptoms

Dry hands tend to age faster due to depleted levels of collagen (a protein that holds the skin cells together). You may notice wrinkles on the top on your palms. The skin on the underside of your palms is still thicker and does not get impacted by aggressors quickly

What are some of the reasons for dry hands?

1. Weather

Weather conditions like winters and extremely dry climatic conditions tend to make your hand drier. Lack of moisture in the air makes the hand go thirsty for hydration.

2. Medical Conditions

Medical conditions like diabetes and lupus can lower the blood circulation to your hands, causing dryness. Eczema and psoriasis (an autoimmune disorder) causes skin inflammation and eventually, dry hands, peeling and cracking of skin.

3. Workplace Conditions

People who work at hospitals (like doctors, nurses and medical staff) may be overusing sanitizers, which can rip off the natural oils from their hands, causing dryness. Air conditioners in offices too can strip the oils from your hands.

4. Chemicals

The chemicals present in hand sanitizers, hand washes, soaps, dishwashers, hair styling products, etc. can all cause dry hands. Factory workers and hairdressers dealing with chemical irritants are subjected to wear and tear of the skin on the hands

DIY Tips to prevent dryness of hands

1. Apply Moisturizing Cream

Use a good moisturizer or hand cream to replenish the moisture lost from your hands. Hand creams may contain occlusives like petroleum, mineral oil, shea butter, etc. Occlusives form a thin film on the skin to prevent water from escaping. Humectants attract moisture from the air into the skin. Emollients provide smoothness to the skin.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and an extremely soothing ingredient for the skin. You can buy OTC (over-the counter) aloe vera moisturizers or just apply the natural and safe aloe vera gel from the plant directly.

3. Gloves

Cover your hands with gloves when you are doing the dishes. Prolonged exposure to water can suck out the moisture from your hands.

4. Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells from the hands. Dead skin cell buildup often damages the skin and leads to dry and chapped hands. Use a pumice stone or olive oil mixed with coffee or sugar as exfoliators.

5.    Oat Bath

Oats can be used in raw or cooked form and in combination with olive oil or just water. Apply it on your hands and leave it on for some time.

 6.   Glow Hot Mask

 Glow Hot Mask which is formulated with the choicest ingredients to deeply nourish and moisturize your hands/feet. It comes with the goodness of rice bran, lavender and Vitamin E . These ingredients together work to maximize this product’s benefits. It is a vegan product and is completely cruelty free. It is also completely natural and paraben free. It is nature friendly and is recyclable. Rice bran wax smoothens the skin and acts as an antioxidant. Xanthan Gum powder acts as a skin conditioner while lavender helps relax and soothe dry skin. Vitamin E nourishes the skin and protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals. This unique blend of ingredients opens up your pores to absorb the nourishment. It is very easy to use. Just follow the link to know the procedure

https://youtu.be/ox9qd2Mo-dk . This product is available on our website www.ioraindia.com .It is also available on various omnichannels –amazon; flipkart; seniority; nykaa  https://youtu.be/ox9qd2Mo-dk

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