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Oily skin can prove very hard to tackle sometimes. It presents unique challenges and without effective tips and tricks up your sleeve, you might wanna give up your skincare routine. But hold on! Today, we are here to talk about all your concerns and share tried and tested, expert tips to deal with oily skin.


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1. What is Oily Skin Type like?

Oily skin type is mostly linked to your genetics or even hormonal imbalance sometimes. So, do not frown on yourself for possessing that skin type. You may be doing nothing to have caused it in the first place. But, poor skincare habits and unawareness can lead you to aggravate this skin issue. But before we get into the list of tips, we want you to understand what this skin type actually is.


Causes of skin problems


Such skin types showcase a tendency to shine due to excess oil production on the surface. This is nothing but overproduction of sebum which clogs your pores and enlarges them if not treated properly. The sebaceous glands produce sebum – which is a waxy, oily substance. This naturally occurring oil from our skin pores hydrates our skin and is necessary too. But not if it exceeds a certain limit; which leads to oily skin type.


2. Normalities for Oily skin type


People with an Oily skin type generally face acne formations, blackheads, whiteheads, accumulation of dead skin cells, etc. All these issues are collectively a result of congested skin. A major advantage of having an oily skin type is that your skin ages slowly. How? – The natural oil barrier on your skin’s surface protects it from external harmful radicals preventing fewer wrinkles and fine lines.


And let us also tell you that every skin produces natural oils to some extent. It is only when it overproduces oil, causes certain issues. But, the good part is, with proper skin care and home remedies for oily skin, this can be controlled.


Now, we generally face oil segregation on our face. Mainly on the forehead, lower nose area, and chin. You might notice these symptoms if you have oily skin.


Oily Skin Problems


  • A shiny, greasy layer on your skin
  • Large, visible pores on your nose and cheeks
  • Occasional pimples
  • Blackheads, whiteheads


People with oily skin types may also experience a hard time while applying makeup as it gets mixed with sebum eventually and gives off a very unpleasant skin texture.

Having said that, the above-mentioned symptoms vary between people


And now for the main part:

3. Skincare tips for oily skin


  • Choose water-based skincare products rather than oil or cream-based ones. Use non-comedogenic products. Because thicker formulations get deposited in your pores and clog them. – giving rise to unwanted oily skin problems.


  • Avoid skincare products that come with added fragrances. They will end up irritating your skin and worsen your existing oily skin problems.


  • Avoid physical exfoliators like a loofah, face scrubber, or rough washcloths. The friction caused by these products may stimulate the skin to produce more oil. Use gentler exfoliating options available out there.


  • Regularly exfoliate your skin with homemade scrubs or products containing Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Beta-Hydroxy Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, etc


  • Choose skincare products labelled as – Alcohol-free, Organic, ‘For oily skin.


  • Use Retinol – Most people are unaware that Retinol can be a great medium to treat active acne, acne scars, unclogging pores, improving skin texture, etc.


  • DO NOT MISS OUT ON CLEANSING. Gentle foam-based, organic cleansers are perfect for oily skin types. Cleanse AM and PM. This way, excess oil deposits along with attracted dirt, dust, dead skin cells, residual makeup, etc. can be gotten rid of.


  • Do not skip moisturisers, use water-based or lightweight moisturisers if you have an oily skin type.


  • Use BLOTTING PAPERS. They soak away all the excess oiliness when you cannot wash your face while travelling or outdoor activities. They are super effective absorbent sheets of paper that lift off the oil that arises on your skin’s surface. – especially post make-up.


  • Invest in Organic Clay-based face masks. They pull out the oils from your clogged pores and leave your face refreshed, tight, and oil-free. But, make sure to apply a water-based moisturiser right after your mask.



  • Avoid eating too many dairy products especially if you have acne problems. Try including healthy fruits and veggies in your diet.





Apart from the above info and facts, if you face extreme oiliness, severe acne or any other major skin issues, we suggest you consult a dermatologist at your earliest.


Apart from the blogs already available on our page, if you wish to hear us discuss our views on specific skincare topics, feel free to write back in the comment section below.





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