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Summer tan

Can you imagine cozy winters have winded up and bright summer is here in all its glory? It’s time for flared dresses, beach days, bright-colored mocktails, carefree vacations, and all the good stuff!

But along with it comes the flipside of summer that we all just HATE!!! Yes, you must have guessed that from the title of this blog – SUNTAN. We all have fallen prey to it and will continue to be its victim until the sun is up shining brightly. And let’s admit, we cannot stay home; especially after this long halted pandemic.

We finally have started visiting our favourite places, hanging out with our gang, and recovering all the cheer that was stolen from us the last two years. But, let’s not get ourselves all disappointed again, and start this season with a grump. Especially when there are magical natural remedies to de-tan our skin at home!

Yes, we know you all must have scouted through the web for such recipes and found dozens of them. But, here we bring you the real deal. The only recipes and ingredient combos that work best for de-tanning your skin.


1. How does the sun damage your skin?

Sunlight can be harsh during summers and the UV light emitted from it can be extremely mutilating on our skin. Our skin is a delicate organ of our body that shields our internal organs against external environmental stressors; majorly- the SUN. 


  • It burns your skin and leaves it red if exposed bare for long hours. 
  • You experience pigmentation
  • Rashes
  • Irritation 
  • Dry skin
  • Blemishes on the face
  • Accelerates signs of ageing, etc.

To combat all this sun damage caused on the skin, we have natural suntan remedies backed with Ayurveda. Plus, there are more than one ways to get rid of suntan from your face. Let us tell you all about it and also the key ingredients that will help you in doing so.


2. Grandma’s Secrets – Natural homemade UBTANS

Natural Ayurvedic Ubtans are probably the best way to target sun damage. WHY? Well, because they –

  • Cleanse your skin in the most amazingly effective way.
  • Helps get rid of any dirt, and debris

Exfoliates dead skin from the surface to reveal glowy skin hiding within.


Ayurved for detanning

Now, we know you must have searched – How to remove tan from face, homemade remedies, etc. And well, there are a bunch of amazing ayurvedic/natural ubtan recipes on the net. So, instead, we are going to just tell you the best combinations that work great for treating tan. 


A. The milky way – 

Try out these milk-based exfoliating ubtan as natural suntan remedies

  • Raw Milk + Tomato Puree + Besan (gram flour) + Turmeric
  • Raw milk + Besan + Rose water + Aloe vera Pulp or Gel + Turmeric
  • Raw Milk + Sandalwood powder + Aloe vera Gel + Rose Water


Detanning and Milk



  • Besan is a great natural exfoliant.
  • Tomato contains natural bleaching agents that eliminate pigmentation and in turn brightens skin tone. It helps replenish dry skin and can also be applied frequently as a precautionary measure to avoid severe sun tan.
  • Sandalwood powder consists of natural nourishing oils that help treat suntan. It also reduces redness and soothes sunburn.
  • Milk is an anti-tanning agent that cleanses your skin while moisturizing it as well.
  • Aloe vera’s hydrating, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties make it perfect for sun-damaged skin.

3) Milk-based cleansers as soothing natural sun tan remedies

natural sun tan remedies


  • Oats + Buttermilk = The best exfoliating and soothing combo for your skin. Oats gently exfoliate your skin without leaving you with any harsh rashes while buttermilk moisturizes and soothes your sunburned skin. 
  • Milk + Honey = Milk acts as a natural sunscreen for your skin’s tan while honey nourishes and soothes your skin. You can even try mixing honey and lemon juice for tan removal.
  • Coconut Milk + Kesar = Saffron strands when soaked in milk or coconut milk release their goodness beneficial for lightening your skin tone. Moreover, Coconut milk is an excellent moisturizing ingredient that makes your skin supple and baby soft. Saffron also improves your skin texture, body acne, and hyperpigmentation.

4) SCRUB it off!

Natural scrubs for tanning

Natural scrubs are easy to make at home with simple kitchen ingredients. They are super effective in treating not just your stubborn sun tan but also other skin issues in one shot. Here are a few combinations that you can DIY –


  1. Grated Potato + Lemon Juice + Besan (You can also use rice flour or coarsely ground rice instead of besan) 
  2. Sugar + Honey + Lemon Juice
  3. Curd + Honey + Besan
  4. Grated Cucumber + Milk
  5. Coffee Ground + Honey + Milk
  6. Rice flour + Coarsely ground rice + Honey + Milk
  7. Baking soda + Water
  8. Rice flour + Tomato Puree (fresh) + Turmeric
  9. Vitamin E oil + Aloe vera + Sugar granules


  • Potato contains starch that when grated is released and can be used with the combination of Lemon Juice (a rich source of Vitamin C) and besan. 
  • Curd is a great natural exfoliator that cleanses your skin and helps reduce redness. 
  • Honey reverses sun damage on the skin caused due to UV rays.
  • Cucumber has myriad benefits for your skin. Fading pigmentation, soothing the skin, and providing moisturization are the main benefits of applying it topically.
  • Coffee helps control pigmentation and acts as an excellent exfoliator.
  • Rice contains starch and is often used as a natural brightening agent. 
  • Baking soda paste is a common home remedy for tan removal because it is a great exfoliant and also treats skin inflammation.
  • Vitamin E nourishes and brightens skin tone, sugar exfoliates, while aloe soothes sunburn.

5) Taking the ORGANIC PREBIOTIC Route!

If you are still thinking of other ways of de-tanning your face at home, without spending time on natural face scrubs, well you can choose the prebiotic route. Although the above remedies are effective, commercially available organic skincare products can help you too. 

iORA for instance has potent Prebiotic skincare products that contain these above ingredients in their natural form; along with superfood actives. Our aim is to promote a healthy skin microbiome for a healthier glow. 

Some of our products that will help you deal with sun tan and pigmentation are – 

 You’ll definitely re-buy our products after experiencing the visible effects. Your skin will love it more than you! Don’t trust us? Try us!




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