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  • Pre & Post Holi Nail-Care Checklist!

Bura na maano HOLI haiiiii!

  • Well, tell this to your nails! Often ignored and then regretted upon, your nails face a tough time during the rangeen Holi festival.

Undoubtedly, Holi is synonymous with Frolic FUN. But, everyone hates the awkwardness of hiding their badly stained fingernails post-Holi. The colors used in the celebration are super dry and toxic. They can cause various skin-related diseases, allergies, or even infections for some.

Keeping your nails color-free while playing Holi is definitely a hard task. – also inevitable. While there are a number of products and alternatives for taking care of your hair and skin; nails are often ignored upon.

Now, we don’t mean to upset you or take the fun out of Holi from you. Rather, we bring you essential tips for prepping and saving your nails from all the damage.

Stay rest assured and get engrossed fully into the festive vibe without worrying about stained nails! We have scouted some amazing tips that will help you get rid of the stubborn Holi colors that damage your nail health.


Before even getting ahead to the ways you can de-stain your nails, let’s start with some precautionary tips first. Small and easy prep when done prior to the festival, can help you save most of the post-festival-clean up! Follow these simple precautions mentioned below and only then step out to have your FUN!

No. 1 – The tried and tested OIL THERAPY

A week before Holi arrives, practice a habit of massaging your nails with almond oil, coconut oil, or even ghee (clarified butter). They nourish your nails, moisturize your cuticles and make your nails less prone to color staining. We advise you to apply these oils at night for maximum effect. Massaging your fingers and hands will also relieve you of stress and help you sleep better. Now, ain’t that great?!

No. 2 – Get a Pre-Holi manicure done.

Indulge yourself in a manicure session a day prior to Holi. Make sure to paint your nails in a dark hue. Cover them in maroon, black, magenta, royal blue or mix things up with multi-colored fingernails. Apply two coats of nail enamel for utmost protection.

The darker shade will act as a barrier between the colourants and your nails. You can even apply transparent nail paint as a top coat over the darker shade.

If you can’t find time to take your parlour appointment, opt for ready-to-use DIY Manicure Pedicure Kits by iORA. They come in pre-measured, step by step packed sachets that you can easily use at home. Plus, all the iORA products are 100% Organic and chemical-free.

No. 3 – Last-minute nail prep

Before heading out for all the fun, prep your nails well. Make sure your massage some cuticle oil or petroleum jelly onto your hands focusing mainly on your nail area. Olive oil and coconut oil are other alternatives that you can use for the same.

Doing this will prevent the colour from seeping into your skin, under your nails. Not only that, but it will also help you to wash off the residue without much trouble.


No. 1 – Cold water soak

Nails become very brittle and dry after being exposed to the Holi colors or 5 to 6 hours continuously. Prevent them from further breakage by soaking them in cold or room temperature water. Do not submerge them in hot water by any chance. Doing so; will make the color stay on your skin and will stain your nails even further.

To further accelerate this de-staining process, add almond oil to the water.

No. 2 – Apply transparent nail paint

If you forgot to apply nail paint prior to Holi and got your nails stained, you still can save them. Simply apply a coat of transparent nail polish and soak your fingers in warm water. Even here, add a few drops of almond oil to the water for better results.

No. 3 – Lemon Soak

Most of you might experience yellow nails post-Holi. Do not get alarmed though! Experiencing this is normal. But, treat them the right way before the condition worsens.

For curing the yellowness, grab some good old lemons from your kitchen. Juice them up and dilute them with some normal water. Lemon is a trusted bleaching agent that works in many ways here, i.e. –

  1. It treats the yellowing of nails by making them whiter.
  2. It also clears out the colored stains off your nails.
  3. It strengthens your brittle nails by making their growth healthier.

If this doesn’t help well or you want faster results, you can try out iORA’s Nail Dip Powder.

More points to be taken care of —–

  • Do not scrub vigorously to get the color off. This will damage your skin even more and push the colorants into your skin.
  • Avoid doing manicures for around a week post-Holi. Allow your nails to breathe a little.
  • Avoid applying nail paint or any chemical-based product on your nails for a few days.

With this, our list of tips concludes! Please take proper measures while celebrating Holi and let it be a fun affair to cherish for the rest of the year.




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