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Imagine this – Sipping a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, while curled up in your cozy blanket; binge-watching your favorite Netflix show – now, isn’t that rewarding? 

We all always long for the wonderful winter to come upon us. We all crave such kind of weather, especially after the hot and humid ones. 

The winter season has its own charm, no? 

BUT……….. (sorry, but there is a huge concerning ‘BUT’ here!)

This most awaited month of the year carries bundles of skincare problems. The chilly weather wreaks your skin with visible and invisible issues such as dry skin (the obvious one indeed!), eczema, and psoriasis even. The cold air steals the moisture from your skin making it super dry and itchy. These issues elevate if proper measures are not taken. And therefore, to help you achieve soft and supple skin during this harsh weather, we have compiled a list of Winter-care tips for you! 

We must change our skincare routine just as diligently as we change our clothing/fashion style every passing season. It is observed that people often follow the same routine no matter the weather. – which is wrong. Different climate affects your skin differently and therefore, it is of utmost important to adapt & focus on skincare accordingly. 

Read along for a simple guide on winter skincare to keep your skin healthy, soft, and glowing this season.

No. 1 – Choose the correct product! 

– that best fits your skin type and issues.

Different people, Different Skin types. It’s that simple! And therefore, you must hunt down a product that performs well on your skin. Basically, you won’t benefit from a lotion meant for dry skin type if you have oily skin or vice versa. For that, understand and identify your skin type and buy products accordingly. 

“We suggest you always use gentle skin care products and choose facewashes or body washes that leave your face moisturized after their 

use. This will help you retain your skin’s elasticity and not harm your natural moisture barrier.”

Remember, what kept your skin fresh and plumpy during summers, won’t work during winters.

No. 2 Address the areas of extra dryness

With winter comes dryness. Additionally, you must have noticed that some areas of your body are prone to dry excessively. Those include your lips and feet. Scientifically speaking, this happens because your oil glands are not equally distributed in your body. So, these areas need more moisturization and care than others. If you face major dryness issues like callus formations, try out iORA’s Organic Callus Softener. It is the easiest way to get rid of stubborn calluses faster and effectively. 

No. 3 DO NOT SKIP sunscreens during winter!

We all love a warm sunbath during winters. But, just like the summers, the sun and its UV rays can cause a lot of damage to your skin. UV rays soak up the natural oils from your skin’s surface and moreover, the natural oil production is very low during winters. So, those who think that winter sun is good and that there is no need for sunscreen during winters, are getting fooled. 

Therefore, no matter how pleasing and warm the sunrays feel, always apply sunscreen on your face, neck, and body. Also, cover your arms with a scarf while being out in the sun; denying the direct contact of UV rays.

No.4 Drink your water religiously!!!

Commonly, drinking more water seems like a summer gag, but, remember – the air is dryer during the winter (both indoors and outdoors). So, you need to drink up and keep your skin hydrated even more during the winters. 

Pro Tip – Install a small humidifier in your office or at home, to manage and retain the moisture level. This will definitely keep your skin happy.

No. 5 Indulge in Salon-time at home

There is nothing more important and relaxing than relaxing all by yourself at home (especially with the COVID-19 pandemic going on). Even better, with a self-care DIY AT-HOME SALON KIT. It is a great opportunity for you to pamper yourself and also a necessity.

No. 6 Eat Healthily

  • Munch on a lot of seasonal fruits, vegetables and berries (Strawberries, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, or cherries). They are great sources of antioxidants and vital vitamins. 
  • If you find drinking plain water boring, upgrade your water with fruits, or balance your water intake with soups, salads, juices, etc. 
  • Exercise frequently and get all the toxins out of your system through sweat. This also helps in pumping the blood to all the organs of your body, keeping them naturally glowing. 

Nothing fancy right? So, get along and ace your Winter skincare game with these super easy tips. Write back to us and let us know what you would like to read next!

Till then, HAPPY WINTERS!!!

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